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FIG. 1: A male“talkie baby” wiggles with joy, even as bespectacled scientists in white lab coats prepare the area with harsh chemicals and sharp instruments. The piggish young fluffy colt remains oblivious as it squirms and inquires about “huggies” and “nummies.” The stupid baby giggles while a technician coats the colt’s rotund, bloated belly with Betadine. During this process, crucial data will be collected to further pain management, orthopedic, and other vital research.

FIG. 2: The colt’s joyful cries are replaced with confusion and tears as scalpels are used to amputate its limbs. The teeth are pulled in a cruel manner. A deep incision is made vertically on the belly, exposing delicate, pulsing organs. The baby colt cries in pain, demanding “Mummah,” flailing temporary limbs. Accurate measurements are crucial at this stage, as the bodily responses vary depending on model and type of the bio-toy.

FIG. 3: The colt’s mouth is sewn shut quickly to allow the interns to focus on collecting data and photographs. The penis and testes have been sliced away from the small body. This colt suffered for thirty-seven minutes before blood loss and shock caused it to cease functioning.


Laughs as samael records data


in step 2, I believe one of the researchers telling him he has a pussy now and that he’s mare would procure invaluable data.


Remember, kids. The difference between being an abuser and being a scientist is writing shit down. Science!


Either you meant “flailing its limbs temporarily” which would be grammatically correct but hella boring.

Or you meant “flailing its temporary limbs”, implying that its natural grown limbs are only temporary. That is much more brutal and also more fun way to look at it.

Your art is pretty good, too. I like it.


Another interpretation: the scientists force-grafted temporary limbs onto the foal after first amputating them with glee, then removed them after gathering data.


It’s the latter. They are temporary cuz’ they’re about to be chopped off!!


Brutal! I hope someone makes a pic based on this idea.


I know this is off-topic, but I love your username. LMAO