Xmas Fluffy Recycling (by Booperino)

Inspired in part by 'Tis The Season (Jem Mace) , tho i guess also inspired by any number of “disposable fluffy” stories lol

The holiday season is a busy time for Fixer


Nice idea.


Always pleased to see Fixer doing good and helping fluffies. :heart:


Huh. Effective for obtaining breeders too honestly, since colors are a crapshoot at best.



At least he’s not keeping them for donors. ~chuckle~

Lots of spare legs, organs, blood, fluff/skin grafts, etc.

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WAIT… what kind of cookle?

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chocolate chip? lol


why? he can just build those from scratch lol


Fuck yeah! chocolate chip!!

precedes to go trash picking for fluffy

I found six

Fluffy: wet smawty go!!

… OK five.


What do you mean “these are not holiday fluffies”? Just because they are adult fluffies none of which bear traditional christmas colors, are all dirty as if they had been living near a dumpster, keep saying they do not know who I am and are begging to be returned to their nestie in the next alleyway, that doesn’t mean they can’t be holiday fluffies!


…He can make blood from scratch?

That’s concerning.

. . .Dangit. My brain just pictured ‘bio printers’. Just load in your liquid fluffy fillament and 3d print your parts that are compatible with existing fluffies.

Organs, legs, skin, you name it you can print it.

Naturally you’d have those hobby channels trying to figure out how to break down fluffies into the ‘liquid fluffy’ so they can recycle like with fillament/plastic.


Don’t worry little ones, you will be much happier after this.
Absolutely love this. Fixer is too good and makes me want to be a better person too.

This also reminds me of “If you give a mouse a cookie”…in fact…

If yu gib a fwuffy a cookie-nummie

If yu gib a fwuffy a cookie-nummie

Fwuffy am goin’ ask foh a cup of miwkies

When yu gib fwuffy the miwkies

Dey pwobabwy ask foh a stwaw

Wen dey am finished, dey ask foh a nappiekin

Den dey wan tu wook in da miwwah tu makie suwe fwuffy nu hab miwkie fwuff-tache

Wen dey wook intu the miwwah, dey might sees dey fwuff needs a twim.

So dey pwobabwy ask foh a paiw ob naiw scissohs.

Wen dey dun gettin’ a twim, dey’ww wan a sweepie-stick tu cwean up.

Dey’ww status sweepin’.

Dey maybeies ged cawwied awat and sweep ebewy woomsies in da housie.

Dey maybe eben gib da fwoows washies as weww.

Wen dey dun, dey pwobabwy need a nappies.

Yu’ww hab tu fixie up a wittwe boxie foh dem wit a bwankie and a piwwow.

Dey’ww cwaww in, makie fwuffy comfie and fwuff da piwwow a few times.

Fwuffy wiww pwobabwy askie tu wead dem a stowy.

So yu’ww wead tu fwuffy fwom one ob yu bookies and fwuffy am ask tu see da pictuwes.

Wen dey wookie at da pictuwes, fwuffy am ged citied dat fwuffy wiww wan tu dwaw onesie ob dey own.

Dey’ww askie foh papeh and cowoh-sticks.

Fwuffy dwaw a pictuwe.

Wen da pictuwe am dun fwuffy wiww wan tu signsies day namesie wit a inkie-stick.

Den dey wiww wan tu hangsie dey pictuwe on da cowd nummie-boxie.

Which means fwuffy need stickie-tape.

Dey’ww hangie up dey pictuwe and standsie back tu wook at it.

Wooking at the cowd nummie-boxie wiww wemind fwuffy dat dey am thwisty.

So…Fwuffy wiww askie foh a cup of miwkies.

And chances am if dey askie foh a cup of miwkies, fwuffy am wan a cookie-nummie tu gu wit it.


Look I don’t know why that one has a caller.

Can I get my cookies or not.

Come on man that is a police report not a cookie


Well, “from scratch” probably means something different in a cyberpunk setting. And yeah, 3d printing organic is something already being worked on. So, frankly, the fixer might be doing cutting edge stuff to us but NOT for there.


No deal. The machine in the alley gives me sketties.

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Close call, lucky fluffs

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blood maybe not… yet
organs and limbs are fine tho :stuck_out_tongue:


Fixer and company the silent rescuer of fluffies :+1:


Okay, I have here a dozen cookies. Can I get a dozen holiday fluffies?

Slides a cup of hot cocoa each for Snake and family, a cup of PSL for the Doc, and within the heat protection sleeve is five hundred dollars

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