Yard Invasion part 2 (animated by The Neutralist)


Part 2 of an animation that originally was posted on the Booru, based on an existing comic.
I never got around to making the third and final part. Perhaps one day I will.


This is great. It’s hard to pick up a project you havent touched for years, but if you ever make a 3rd part I’ll be keeping an eye out for it.


So sad the mare escaped :c in no time she’ll have foals again.

Gotta love death by inflation

Le sigh

So a French man is among us

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What is the comic called

I don’t remember, but it was also on the Booru

Wow this was fucking excellent how the FUCK do you make gifs like this?

It was made on Flip-A-Clip before they started adding their watermark to the app and charging for more than three layers…

fuck… I may never feature gifs in my shit because it’s not possible to make them