Yellow colored fluffies

So I’m just thinking of brown fluffies and I’m thinking If brown fluffies are called poopie babbehs why aren’t yellow fluffies called peepee fluffies

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my headcanon is that yellow is a primary color, which fluffies are engineered to like/select for. I imagine there are definitely some yellows that are still considered bad colors, like how there’s some greens that are considered bad colors

I also kind of think that “poopie colors” being a catch-all term for bad colors might be a result of the limited fluffy vocabulary? idk, just a thought!

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The geneticists at Hasbio were seeking to create fluffies that looked like the “Mane Six” characters from My Little Pony.
And Fluttershy is yellow.
That’s how I explain it.


because a brown foal looks like a turd, especially after its born and mixed in with the shit of childbirth.

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