Yo, some sketches i made in class (AgathaNurmi)

Some sketches I made in class, just to remember how to draw these rats.

Give me names for the little canibal mummah please, thanks.
I kinda like her, even if I only made one sketch of her (this one).
See ya


I got way too many names listed here Fluffy Names
Feel free to use one.

Thanksss i’ll take a look.

Hmmm… How about Gwenda, only reason why is because Grendel from the Beowulf stories, I tried to see if Grendel’s mother had a name, but nada


There are some traditions on the subject


Fluffies trying (and failing) to kill themselves is ripe for moronbox hilarity. KnT’s series where his character Mill’s tried all kinds of methods only to fail each time stands out in particular. (The whole Mills saga is one the funniest abuse stories ever.)

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Love seeing your art, but what is going on in this picture lol. Maybe I’m just too retarded to connect the dots here.

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Just a bunch of unrelated sketches ?

Ah yes new waifu, agata now my waifu

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AAAA me voy a morir
Otra vez tú!
Maldita sea, sí!

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Just random unrelated sketches, sorry lol

Feliz de volver. Otra vez jsjs


Ho ho
Me alegra mucho

Sos hispana?

Cannibal mama can be Karen.