You are Merlot [rewrite] swiftbitches

You are Merlot and you are shifting and wiggling in the nest your special friend built for the two of you. Dried grass and tufts of fur that were once comfortable is now scratchy and stuffy. Something’s not right here, but you can’t put your hoof on it…it’s just not right. The unfamiliar feeling of anxiety crept across your body like a bug looking for the softest place to bite and burrow it’s way under your skin.

Your wine red fluff stands on end and no matter how much you smooth it down, it just won’t lay flat. An irritated growl slips from between your teeth before you can even stop it. A shocked hoof flies to your mouth as you blink rapidly. You had never made such a noise before, you almost couldn’t even believe it had come from you.

Your uncomfortable shifting is beginning to wake your special friend so instead of fidgeting and contemplating, you decide to get up to go take a walk to clear your clouded mind. The edge of the clearing is only a few feet away from your cozy little home. Peering back, it doesn’t even look like your home anymore. You know it is, everything is just the way it was yesterday and the day before that. But still, the bushes and trees that you’ve seen everyday of your life, every detail ingrained in your memory, none of it looks familiar.

You shake your head and plaster a weak smile on your face, you must have eaten some bad nummies or drank the human funny juice again without knowing. The human funny juices left you feeling very odd. You couldn’t even walk back home and had to be carried by the other nummy finder!

“What am Mewow doin’?” A tired voice grumbled from behind you. A sudden and violent wave of rage slammed over you and a gutteral snarl erupted from your chest. The horrible rage receded as fast as it had come leaving you trembling and ears ringing, wondering what the fluff had just happened.

“What am Mewow doin’?” The voice now sounded apprehensive, probably just as shocked as you had been hearing yourself growl.

“Huh?” You glance over your shoulder to see who had inspired such horrible rage. A thin, orange unicorn eyes you warily. His name is Apricot and he’s the Smarty’s son, a fact that causes anger and disgust to bubble in your chest. You’re scared of these emotions roiling in you but you can’t figure out why they’re happening

“Oh Mewow am just goin’ fow smaww wawkies.” You chirp, hoping he’ll buy the false happiness in your voice.

“Uh huh.” Apricot mumbles unsurely and nodding before continuing on walking around the edges of your herd’s home. It’s so great that your herd has a nice, young stallion like that guarding them as they slept.

“Whewe did 'ou go speciaw fwend?” Your special friend yawns as you enter your family’s little hollow. You expect the familiar warmth and love to spread through your chest as you glance over at him only for slimey, horrible disgust to worm it’s way through your chest. His warm, sleepy eyes stare up at you fondly and all you can think about is how pathetic he looks.

“Just…just hand to go pee pees.” You squeak and nuzzle his cheek, quickly moving to check on the tiny lumps of fur next to him, all sound asleep. Relief flooded over you when no icky feelings forced their way into your mind.

“Oh, weww, gewd dawk times.” He cooed at you and laid his head down, letting out a deep and content sigh.

You mutter your good night and lay your head back down, trying to ignore the horrible feelings that scared you and the horrible thoughts you had towards your own special friend.

The sun feels absolutely wonderful. It’s rays warm your fluff and leave you feeling comfortable and content. Suddenly tiny hooves jabbed into your side and you let out a squawk of shock and jolt upright, the tiny colt tumbling off of you and into the dirt giggling and kicking his little hooves in delight.

Other fluffies in the clearing give you weird looks and you blush in embarrassment, mumbling about how your baby was just being silly. You look over at your colt, ready to scold him but your anger melts as you see his wide eyes filled with joyful innocence and fluffy yellow pelt spattered with red.

You hook your hood around him and pull him close, he was your special little baby. He was only half the size of his rapidly growing siblings and barely learned any new words but that didn’t bother you. He just needed his momma to help him.

You were so excited to see your special little colt that you didn’t even notice the burnt orange stallion approaching you.

“Wha’ am Mewow doin’?” The familiar surge of hatred burns in when you hear his voice but you’re used to that now. You simply ignore it, squashing it down and putting on a bright smile as you glance back at him.

The stallion is your Smarty and a very handsome Smarty, with his warm orange fur, warm grey eyes and gleaming red hooves. Though…you remember them being black. You shrug it off as just one of the tricks your stupid thinky place has been playing on you lately.

“Dah bwight baww is bewy wawm. Mewow wikes dah bwite baww’s wawmf.” You coo, your hoof still gently stroking your colt’s back as he nuzzles into your chest.

Your Smarty opens his mouth to respond but all you can hear is screaming. Terrified awful wailing as his mouth moves. He’s begging you to save him but it’s not his voice. You jump up, fur standing on end as you search desperately for your colt but he’s nowhere to be seen. The other fluffies have joined in on the screaming. Their shrill terrified wails over lapping as they all beg her to save them, to stop the monster.

“No, no, no!” You wail, clutching at your ears. The screaming won’t stop but you can’t even tell where it’s coming from anymore. You feel a tiny warm body press against your tummy and your heart fills with relief as you open your eyes and look down.

The horrid wails are silenced and replaced by your own" terrified shrieking as you scramble away. That can’t be your colt. It’s staring up at you with terror and pain on it’s face and it’s legs sticking out at odd angles. The beautiful red pattern on it’s fur has started to drip and smudge. This is all wrong. This is all wrong.

You shut your eyes and beg for the monster that looks like your colt to go away. You feel hooves on your shoulder but you’re too scared to look, fearful to see the mangled version of your special little baby hovering over you.

“Mewow! Wha’ dah fwuff am wong wiff yu?” The voice yanks you from your panic and you look up. Your eyes meet the Smarty’s and a dam breaks. His eyes are no longer a warm grey but a cold, unfeeling black, his expression is angry and irritated and his hooves aren’t a gleaming red. They’re covered in blood. Your colt’s blood. But that’s not real.

Rage swelled in you like an overfilled balloon, ready to burst at any second. You always thought when the Smarty said him and the toughies would be the only stallions in the herd, that any colts born would have to leave when they were old enough but you were wrong. He wanted to kill…to murder your colt but you had refused to give your special little baby up. So he ordered the toughies to take your baby and make you watch as he…as he tore your child apart.

You are Merlot and you know what must be done.

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