“You’re A Bad Mummah!” Chapter 12 [By MostlyNeutralbox]

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It was time. The older batch of fluffies were off milk. They had their little teeth, and were now eating kibble softened with milk. Luckily Spot and Camo had takers, and Midnight had already been reserved. It would be hard to let them go but he also had the younger batch of foals, and he’d be keeping Goldenrod and Brownie. Even if Brownie did have an offer, he’d have to decline. Brownie was being too bratty to risk foisting her off on someone else. He also was interested in seeing if she’d improve after the punishment of her leggie ‘leaving’ her. He looked through his emails. Spot’s new daddeh and little mummah would be coming tomorrow. Apparently his daughter was in the horse loving phase. Spot’s horselike behavior and appearance made the girl want him over the iridescent twilight sparkle she’d been considering. It was a relief to the father, since Erik wasn’t charging extraordinary prices. At least not like the permanent breeders.

Erik spent part of the afternoon with Sleet. Her attitude had improved after being used as an enfie toy and being called ugly. Her whole reason for hating the babbehs, other than the alicorns, was the belief they were ugly. She had it in her head that she was pretty. Erik knew he couldn’t make her love the foals. The fear of alicorns was ingrained too deeply into her. He’d read some never got over the fear of alicorns, even growing up with them. He also read once a mother rejected her foals, that was it. The ‘bad scent’ was forever associated with that babbeh. Perhaps if Erik had gotten some ‘gud babbeh’ spray, or found a way to temporarily dull Sleet’s sense of smell he could have changed things but he thought Sleet would love all her babbehs. The way she’d been talking about herself being the bestest mummah, he thought he’d have no problem.

At least part of the problem was solved. Sleet no longer held herself in such high regards. She thought of herself as a dummeh ugly no leggie fluffy. It was perfect. Erik could now watch TV and pet her without her thinking she did nothing wrong. If anything, she thought it was her fault that she made ugly babbehs, without knowing she made such beautiful rare ones. The babbehs were playing in the living room, and Erik had been watching them, petting Sleet on his lap when he felt a warmth on his leg. He winced, and saw Sleet had fear peed, staring at the alicorns. Dammit. He’d made sure she pooped, but he forgot about scaredy peepee. She must have been scared, seeing them prance around. They were bigger and stronger than the other babbehs, strong enough to do damage to Sleet if they wished. But of course they didn’t. Midnight and Goldenrod were sweethearts.

“S-sowwy daddeh. Seet jus scawed of munstas….”

He lifted Sleet by the scruff. “You’re gonna get the sorry stick for that. You know not to call them monsters. And you did peepees on daddeh instead of telling me you needed to.

“Bad upsies! Pwease nu sowwy stick! Seet sowwy!” She said, trying to wiggle.

Erik knew she meant it, but if he didn’t use the sorry stick, he knew she’d backslide. He wasn’t going to risk it again. Not when he had her under control. He left her in the bathroom, and changed his pants, sighing. It had been a while since he had to clean his clothes of fluffy bodily fluids. The babbehs were able to get to the litterbox with few accidents. He had used the sorry stick, even if it pained him each time to use it on little creatures….but he saw improvement. It took forever for Sleet to learn to use the litter box. Erik hadn’t used a sorry stick, but took a fellow hugboxer’s advice to just…not clean. And Sleet would learn its not nice to live in filth. It took a week, and Erik had been about to cave from the smell, but Sleet had broken before he had.

He grabbed the sorry stick and came back to Sleet. “Five hits. Only five because I know you did it out of fear.” He told her. He was gentle with the hits, avoiding the stumps. Even with faux fur sewed over them, he found she still freaked out to have the area touched. Likely trauma that lingered despite the lie he’d planted in her head.

Sleet was sobbing by the time the hits were over. She only had light bruises from the hit. Erik only drew blood for more serious offenses…offenses she hardly did anymore. He took the time to clean her up after, despite her huuhuuing. He used wet wipes since she didn’t need a full on bath. “There. All done.” He said. “Now if we go back, can you be good and not pee all over?” He asked of her. Sleet nodded.

“Nu mowe peepees.” She mummered.

Erik felt satisfied as he picked her up by the scruff again, carrying her back.

“Am ugwy dummeh fwuffy…” Sleet said as Erik sat down and set her on his lap again.

“Yes. But I still love you.” Erik said. “Even if you are a no leggie fluffy.” He let his hand brush her stumps, making Sleet cry. The other foals looked over, but Erik just smiled at them, and used the remote to turn on a kid’s show. It’d come to his attention that FluffTV was apparently not so good for fluffies. Now he went with YouTube channels or regular kids shows The fluffies were quickly distracted by that, all except Sleet, who kept berating herself…and was reinforced or not refuted by Erik.

The next day arrived. Erik didn’t know how he would break it to the fluffies that their siblings were leaving. Or at least one was. He spent extra time on the fluffies, making them pretty with baths and brushings. They still didn’t like baths at all, but they knew by now to not struggle and protest. They dealt with it with whimpers and ‘nu wike’ along with the classic ‘wawa am bad for fwuffies!’ Other than that, they were compliant. They mostly liked smelling pretty and being brushed by the foal safe brush. Spot seemed to like the brushing the most, whinnying in pleasure before thanking Erik. Erik even got little bandanas for the older fluffs. Blue for Spot, red for Brownie, green for Camo, yellow for Goldenrod and white for Midnight.

“Guys…I have something to tell you all.” He said. The tone of his voice made all the fluffies look over at their daddeh. “I love you all…but I can’t care for you all as full size flufffies. You guys will be getting new mummahs and daddehs.” He said. The cries went up from the fluffies, who were all hugging each other, sobbing. They didn’t want to be separated. He’d have to tell Brownie and Goldenrod later he was keeping them. He would have preferred to never tell them, but he had to. He wished he never had to go through the bad parts of pet ownership.

He cuddled with the fluffies, telling them how they’d get good new mummahs or daddehs. How their parents would be good, and give them sketties. Maybe even a special friend when they grow up. Filling up their heads with hopes, dreams, and good thoughts. Unknowing that setting their hopes so high could be bad for them later. It made the fluffies happy, talking about their future owner, even though they didn’t know them. Erik could tell Spot that he’d have a new little mummah and a big daddeh. He told him that the little mummah loved horses, and a fluffy like him that acted and looked more horse like was perfect for her. He pet Spot’s head. He’d miss the fluffy and his eccentric ways, but he’d be making some money and Spot would be getting a good home.

The knock at the door came around midday. He opened the door to see a middle aged man who had a receding hairline. At his side was a little blonde girl, about eight, in a full cowgirl getup. She looked shy to see a stranger at the door.

Erik smiled. “You two must be here for Spot.” He said, inviting them in. “They’re all in the living room, doing playtime.” He saw the moment the little girl saw Spot. She gasped, and did a little dance in place.

“Daddy, he’s perfect!” She squealed, and hugged him. “Thank you!”

The man chuckled, and patted her back. “Of course, sweetheart.” He said, and turned to Erik. “I promised her anything for her birthday, and she wanted a fluffy. She wanted a little one, and I told her the only way that was happening is if the foal is weaned.”

Erik nodded. “They’re eating kibble softened with milk. You can soften it with water, but when they’ve got all their teeth, you should be able to do straight kibble.” He said. “I think Spot will love her. I worried about him since he acts like a mini horse more than a fluffy but I think he and your daughter are a perfect match.” He said.

The meeting went well. Though Spot had a tearful goodbye with his siblings, he was glad to go with the little girl who was telling him about all the adventures they’d have. Erik was even a little tearful to see Spot go. Now all he had was the pictures of the boy. He did hope they sent pictures as he grew. Spot was likely to be a handsome stallion when he grew up, sure to catch the eye of many mares.

The fluff pile even looked odd without Spot. He was usually on the outside, nearest to Camo. Camo shivered now, snuggling close to Goldenrod. Brownie was near the outside, her arm unbound. She hand’t Cate dup since then when it became clear she couldn’t blame her new leggie for misbehavior…but she’d gotten sneakier instead. She thought about what she had to do instead. Somehow her hooman daddeh saw them. She would have to ask how he did it. He’d told her and Goldenrod earlier that they were the two being kept. But this daddeh didn’t let her get away with stuff! She wanted a new daddeh, not this dummeh meanie daddeh! She huffed, turning over in her sleep and a weird glint of light in the corner caught her attention. She stared at it for a while, eventually falling asleep.

The next day, Brownie approached her daddeh alone. “Daddeh? Bwownie wan kno hoomin magic. Bwownie wan kno how yu watch fwuffies!” She said, adding a little prance.

Was she really…? Erik pasted on a fake smile. “Do you? That’s very different for a fluffy.” He said. In his head he was thinking ‘This bitch…let’s run a little test.’ He took her into the room, and pointed out the camera. “You looked at it last night. That’s a camera. With hoomin magic, I can look at the whole safe room. I did it when Sleet was pregnant to make sure I wouldn’t miss the birth. And I check on it now to make sure you guys are safe.” He said. “It needs power and gets that by the black not tasty sketties.” Erik had to explain wires to them once. They thought it was sketties, and he used a few static shocks when they touched the wire for them to not eat or try to touch the wires. Erik was lying about the camera having wires, though. It was a wireless one. He paid extra, but it was more convenient for it to be up high. And it was safer.

He took Brownie into the room with his PC. “I can watch on this screen.” He told Brownie. Another lie. He could watch it on his phone, but his work was on the computer. He usually used that for watching. But it was another test.

“Is watchin fun?” Brownie asked, tilting her head.

Erik nodded. “It’s like TV for me. I like to watch my little fluffies running around and getting along.” He said. “Would you like to go back and play with your siblings? It’s Midnight’s last day here, after all. Her new daddeh is coming tomorrow. And her new daddeh has Midnight’s fluffy daddeh.” He said as he carried Brownie back. He said that last part as he put Brownie down. It caught Midnight’s attention.

“Weally? Nyu daddeh haf Midnite’s daddeh!?” She asked, prancing.

“That’s right. He asked to have one of you, and Midnight was a good match. He was looking for an alicorn girl.” He patted Midnight. “Enjoy the day with your siblings, honey. Tomorrow you’ll meet your daddeh and your big daddeh.” He told her, and left the room. He sat on the couch, putting the TV on, and turned the watching app on his phone. He pretended to watch the TV as he saw Brownie peek a few times at him to see him watching the TV. It was a bit of an effort not to look at her. He wanted to see where this would go. He watched his phone, engrossed in what he saw.

The rest of the ponies were playing. Goldenrod and Midnight were reading a fluffy book to the younger foals. They were adorable with the voices, using exaggerated gestures. These books were designed to be used by foals with stories perfect for them. They cost more than a children’s book, but whatever. Only the best for the foals. They even had textures for little foals to nuzzle and paw at with their hooves.

Camo watched from nearby, her tail wagging occasionally. Erik could only hope that she warmed up or opened up to her new owners. Maybe someone would have a fluffy to help her open up. She usually played with Spot, so her best buddy was gone.

Now…onto Brownie. The fluffy giggled to herself as she made a beeline for the wall, the corner where the camera is. She began snuffling around the ground. “Wha? Whewe bwak sketti?” She asked herself, looking confused. She made her way around the ground, finding no wires.

In the other room, Erik sighed. He suspected this, but was still disappointed. He would have even respected if she waited a day…but fluffies were stupid when it came to manipulation.

Brownie soon puffed up her cheeks and stomped her hooves. She turned and bucked at the wall. “Stoopie camewa! Gib bwak sketti!” She yelled, catching the attention of the others.

“Sketti?” Sunrise asked, which set off a chain reaction of ‘Sketti?’ As a question or exclamation. Eventually someone started shouting for daddeh and sketti.

Erik snickered to himself, before he smiled and came into the room. “Guys and girls…why are you all talking about sketties?” He asked. “It’s not sketti day.”

Midnight toddled up to Erik. “Daddeh, wan sketti. Bwownie tawk bout bwak sketti.”

“Did she now?” Erik asked, leveling a look at Brownie. The pony’s ears went down and her tail between her legs. She knew she messed up big time. “Well, since it’s Midnight’s last day, we’ll have sketti for dinner. But that means no sketti tomorrow, okay?” He told the fluffies. They all agreed, the little things being all about instant gratification. “But first I need to have a talk with Brownie.”

Erik picked her up by the scruff with two fingers, eliciting a cry of “Bad upsies!” From her. He didn’t care much. He took her into the bathroom, where a sorry stick waited. The bathroom was officially the punishment room. “Brownie, we both know what you did. Would you like to tell me and get a lesser punishment?”

“F…fwuffy jus wan see bwak sketti…” Brownie said, not meeting Erik’s eyes.

“That’s a lie, Brownie. You were looking to get rid of the camera. You wanted to get up to trouble.” He got out the sorry stick. While water was an effective punishment, Erik was trying to make bathtime not a non stressful experience for them all. Using water to punish the foals could set that back indefinitely or even make it impossible. He saw Brownie’s eyes widened, and she tried to run out of the sink, unsuccessfully.

“Nuuuuu! Nu wan sowwy stick! Weggies, wun way!” Brownie cried, thee scene nearly comical as she ran in place on the slick sink.

“And now you’re trying to run. I think you’ll need a timeout in the sorry box after.” Erik said. He held her down, resulting in a torrent of shit splattering the sink. “That’s ten hits now.” He said. Erik took some joy in punishing the errant fluffy. Sleet had been too good lately…he needed this. He smirked as he heard small sounds from Brownie.


When he was done with the sorry sticks, Brownie was bruised on her bottom, one small cut on her rear was bleeding. The foal was chirping and peeping. “Ah shit…” he muttered. Did he go too far? He couldn’t afford to go back on a punishment, though. He put the foal in the sorry box downstairs. She should be fine for the rest of the evening. He’d return her when it was time to sleep. But he thought he got the message across.

After he cleaned himself up, he began to make the sketti. It was just cooking up some noodles from the store, but it might as well be ambrosia to the foals. It was healthier than the canned stuff, at least. He hummed as he worked, and opened the jar of tomato sauce. It was not store bought, but his mother made it from tomatoes grown in her garden…and very likely fertilized with fluffy poo. His family lived in a hugbox friendly neighborhood. While his parents did not own Fluffies themselves, they let them into the yard. There were fluffy safe berries and grass to eat, as well as fresh water, and a place to poop. Erik had played with plenty when he was little, and remembered when he’d bring out sketti on ‘sketti day’ to a veritable crowd of fluffies. The sauce brought back good memories.

Finishing the sketti, he brought it in. The older foals could eat it, but the younger ones got a small bit of sauce. Their teeth were still nonexistent, though Sunrise had begun to complain about ‘mouf huwties’ and gumming the chewing toys. It was no surprise, given that he was the largest. He would likely develop faster than the rest of them. He watched them eating the sketti. Erik found himself smiling as he watched. This was why he loved fluffies. Watching them grow up. He had wet wipes at the ready to clean up the fluffies. The older ones were so eager to eat their share that they fell over into the pile…then kept eating where they were. The younger foals had no coordination and fell into the sauce. Erik did have to clean off their snouts from time to time so they could still breathe. It was a fun time. He cleaned them off after with wet wipes, much to the relief of the foals. Bath time may be a persistent problem…

When the evening arrived, he returned Brownie, who nearly threw a fit to find she got no sketti. It only took Erik loudly clearing his throat and looking towards the camera to not so subtly remind her why she got no sketti. “Enjoy your night, guys.” He told them. Erik made sure each foal made good poopies. He dimmed the lights for them after putting each into the fluff pile. “Goodnight.” He said and left to the couch. He turned on the camera app again. He was pretty sure Brownie was not done for the night. He was never so disappointed to be proven right.

(If you guys want a short continuation of the adopted foal’s life, let me know. I can create a spinoff.
Also, I’m thinking of Erik adopting micro foals. Thoughts? He’d probably abuse them…)


Wow Brownie is such a brat o-o, Well done though ^^ I love this series.


YES YES Brownie is falling to the dark side. GOOD GOOD.

Maybe check with Midnight’s new owner about Sleet’s alicorn bigotry, hed probably be an expert in that.


Yes please, I’d love more microfluff abuse stories, there aren’t as many when they seem to be ripe for it.


looks like brownie is truely sleet’s child


Glad to hear you’re interested. I dunno why but I recently just had the urge to write about microfluffs. Stompie will probably have an episode about it too…including action figures.


I would love to hear the continuation of the foal’s lives with their new owners. I’m a little concerned that Spot might suffer from the horse fanatic child when they desire to “ride” her fluffy. As for the microfluffs, I personally never really liked the subspecies of fluffies in the lore. I like grounded to reality stories and things like microfluffs, cottonfluffs(haven’t seen those in a long while), seafluffs, buffallofluffs, and griffinfluffs always feel like an odd development. Still, that’s just me and I’ll definitely read the continuation of the story with them in it.


Nah, she’s actually responsible. She might have a doll ride Spot for videos, and have a little saddle made for him.

In the Mill, I’m doing a little on sea fluffs as a personal little experiment. The microfluffs are also a new fascination. For the most part I stay with the regular fluffy stuff.


imo the best way to fix fluffy uppitiness is the pavlov method. using torture when a foal calls himself smarty, putting him in a thing like the famous brainwashing scene from a clockwork orange but so that if he calls himself a smarty some wires duct taped to his balls and a nail up his ass shock him (not enough for derping/reset. tho if i were writing a headcanon it wouldnt work that way regardless). eventually forcing him to instinctively believe that being a smarty = pain/torture and thus bad. if anyone wants to steal this idea for a story/art i wont mind btw


Its sad Brownie got the worst on her chirpy days then turn into this shitty bitch attitude, its sad that with all that expense for a leg… was it the reason it mess her attitude and ego?

Side shorts for the adopted foals would be nice.

If erik adopt micros im hopin his punishment with them like what he do with his fluffies: they are misbehaving or being an asshole.

Adopt? why not go to a feral path like he already have in his house but he didnt know until the smell of shit seems reeking somewhere.


They’re very cute. Especially the ones reading tp the younger foals.
I’m enjoying Brownie’s antics and misbehavior. I hope we’ll see a gradual degredation of her behavior and get to savor what happens to her. Also getting to know her thoughts, like how she feels about Erik, is nice. I enjoy reading fluffies’ logic for why they act out against their owners, and how they are clearly the victims and their owners are “dummehs”.


Time for her to “lose” the other legs.


loving the story and i would love a side schapter once in a while about all the foals. its sad that erik is slipping into abusing terroety and that brownie have become such a brat




Maybe instead of just getting new foals to outright abuse, he could purposefully get problematic foals from no-kill shelters. He could then try an rehabilitate them to be good fluffies, which of course would often require punishment. That way, he can still get abuse in but he can also get positive experiences with foals as he turns them around, maybe selling them for more than he got them since they are well behaved now; kinda like house flipping (fluffy flipping?)

This would also allow for more varied stories; from “bestest bebbehs” needing loads of punishment to foals who were just misbehaving because their litternate was a growing smarty so they just needed a little guidance to get back on the right track.

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Sad to see Brownie turning into a smarty. Maybe worse? She can go and join her mummy in the ugly fluffy closet.

Micro fluffies seem interesting

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3 am and I just gotta know what happens

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Get micros