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Fluffy Image Self-Posting

This is the section of FluffyCommunity where you can post your own images, or your own colorations of lineart (with proper attribution).
Please remember to add your name to the title line,
and if your image features

Fluffy Text Self-Posting

This is the section of FluffyCommunity where you are allowed to post your own stories.
please remember to add your name to the title line,
and if your story features

Community Posts

General Fluffy story/art/game conversation.
Most memes, and conversation that doesn’t involve fluffies should go in shitposting.
Join the Shitposters group for access to that section.

Artificial Idiocy

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence applications, Deep Learning, Chatbots, and the like, it’s inevitable that our members will want to play with these, and show off their creations.
It’s also inevitable that some will not want to see such things cluttering up their feed.

Collaborations and Tributes

This category is for all new Collaboration or Tributes
If you had significant help from someone else to create your art or story, it likely belongs here.
If your story or art heavily references another creator’s work, it may also belong here.

Translation Station

If you have any past or even upcoming art that you would like translated and re-typeset so it has an English translation please post it here and it will be added to a queue to be translated and uploaded to the @Translator account.

Artisan Crafts

This category is for hand-made fluffy-related crafts, such as clay figures or knitted figures.

Fluffy Games

This category is for discussion, proof-of-concept, solicitation of help, and posting of download links for all fluffy games.

Site Feedback

This is where you can make reports about errors or broken features, and to make recommendations on how the site can be improved.


This is a test of the capabilities of Discourse to create a wiki for our community.
This section is currently only visible to moderators and members of the @Curators group.
(June 7, 2022, @wiki-editors has been created to allow alteration by certain trusted members)
If you are not part of the FC Wiki team, please do not edit these pages.
We expect this to be confusing enough as it is.