Adult Micro "Babbehs" (Idea By gs) (Art by Casca_De_Laranja)

It’d be a long stretch for sure, but could produce viable foals, I think about it kinda like a male wiener dog breeding with a female Great Dane or German Shepherd

Though it could also produce horribly mutated fluffs, tiny body with huge limbs, tiny head/huge body, huge head/tiny body, my list goes on lol


hey thats a pretty neat idea
it would be better to do with home fluffys so it could be observed for longer
but yeah,cool idea


A masterfully subtle Abusement, wasted on inane fluffy infantilism.
At least her actual foals suffered depressing deaths :smiling_imp:


She spent money to troll a fluffy

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Not my idea, i just draw it. :sweat_smile:

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I can answer as to why: it’s funny.


I love this. Yes, I also imagine he’s blushing because he doesn’t want to be enjoying this.


It is beautiful!

Isn’t putting a bunch of fluffies in an extremely weird and confusing situation worth the $5 the micros will run you?
I think the thought of the mare taking care of these micros and never knowing that her actual babies have starved to death in a trash can is by itself well worth the cost of a few micros.


Also, imagine the confusion of anyone who might run into them, the look on their face as they puzzle over how exactly this happened.


Thank you, i really enjoyed drawing this one.

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How about they just miscarry every time to keep her in a pit of despair.

Another funny detail: She failed to notice that two of them are not even seafluffs, anymore.
Hmm, I would have been tempted to replace the one with the attitude problem with a good-natured mature microfluff.

There arent any sea fluffys, but thats my fault i drow the hoofs very wrong, :sweat_smile:

I mean, those two looked different and for a second I thought it was gills. XD

So if she didn’t love her poopie babies before, why does she love and feed these ones?

She loved them she just didn’t give them the preference to eat.