Brookshire Farms 25 [by Maple]

I’m pretty sure that he’s dead.


I might dig into some of the specifics of how fluffy rights would work, but as of now they have most of the rights of something like a pig. You can kill them if you have a “good reason” which can be anything from “I wanted to eat it” to “it was in my way”. No one calls the cops if you slaughter a pig. They’re still legally property but so are pets. There’s just some limits to what you can and cannot do with your property.

As for fluffy citizenship, I liked the demi-human set ups I know I’ve seen in other works before. Where we agree that fluffies are unable to act in their own best interests and so you are able to keep them as pets but with lots of restrictions on treatment and care. Like you couldn’t beat them, so we would probably see something like shock collars being the typical training tool as those are (disgustingly) legal to use on children in some states. You would probably have to have some sort of license for them, legal requirements on saferooms would mean there would be government oversight coming into your house to inspect, and there would probably be some sort of 3 digit number for fluffies to call if they’re being abused. Perhaps even if a fluffy could pass a citizenship test to prove they have the intelligence and wherewithal to manage their own shit they could be a legal citizen.

This all sounds like a fucking nightmare though, and I can’t imagine any of that working with the current meta of fluffy overpopulation and environmental damages. Maybe something like fluffy internment camps? Forced sterilization? All of that is a little too close to real shit that happened to real people for me to play with but it is interesting to think about.


Thanks so much for the reply! I was concerned that I was coming off as being too overly critical of the story, which I assure you I was really enjoying the whole way through.

Yeah unfortunately I still don’t see any of those citizenship things working too well. What you are describing for owning fluffies is even more in depth than the process of allowing people to foster and adopt real life children, there’s no way a brand new government agency would get the funding to handle that, or find people willing to try to force people to let them do ‘legal safe room inspections’ ( I have a friend that used to do survey work, even when they had posted notice of the need to survey they’d still get a gun shown or pointed at them a minimum of once a week and they weren’t even trying to go into anyone’s house! ). At most I could MAYBE see the equivalent of a Fluffy CPC or animal control-esque agency that would field calls of potential abuse, but its already a well worn trope that real life agencies are either useless or overzealous and I can’t imagine they would put any more effort into protecting a fluffy than they would a human child or a cat or dog.

I could also see fluffy mills either moving their operations to more friendly states ( because I don’t see the federal government getting involved for a long time ) or just liquidating their stock rather than having to upgrade their standards especially for any fluffy ‘citizens’. Or getting creative- after all its hard for a fluffy to prove its intelligence if its voice box or tongue have been removed. Or ‘accidentally’ damaged ( I recall a story here where someone that occasionally sold stolen fluffies would have other fluffies bite off the ear tags/chips of the fluffies that had them, since then it would be ‘how could I know it was owned, there was no tag- see, fluffy bite marks, it probably was in a fight’ )

And yeah there’s already way too many real life examples of how humans behave towards other humans they believe to be ‘lesser’ that could quickly apply to fluffies, extremely so with the ‘they are outbreeding/replacing us’ red meat.


If the PETA raid didn’t happen and fluffies were gradually introduced as HasBIO intended maybe. If there were like a thousand fluffies in the world this would be possible, if they were still worth thousands of dollars and only the pets of the obscenely rich we could have groups petitioning for demihuman rights.

That’s an entire other story though, with laws about how someone is allowed to use the human genome and how much genetically something can be human before you need to give it human rights. An interesting thought as well, but unrelated to the current fluffy meta.

However, what constitutes as fluffy abuse in the current system and who has to deal with it gives me some ideas for a story I shelved a long time ago.

This is an interesting discussion and I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

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