Carrot - Part 1 (feelinblue)

Given how delicate shit rats are I’d say that guys cock is getting absolutely shredded by that thread.

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Ohohohoho. This is some great stuff! I love how carrot looks, I love how stupidly shortsighted she is, and the dread on her face. I especially like the hurties panel

Oh my god, consider me expecting and eagherly waiting for more of this! Seriously, I love how Carrot behaves at first, so energetic and enthusistic with the thought of having babies, but once she is denied not once but twice? she throws a fucking tantrum that leads her to punishment! and mah oh man… I was not expecting the owner to stich up her no-no place. This is the very first time I see something in the flufffy comics and I love it! I dunno why but seeing carrot in the verge of tears, specially her dialogue, “Cawot am thiwsty, miss daddeh, stwiw big cries” oh my lord! I love it!.

again I am hoping there’s more to this!

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You still alive?