eat a bag of dicks [by fwaffynuteww]

I can’t envision how a bag of dicks could solve that.

Do you want to wallpaper your house with dicks? Or hang up some kind of dick collage?


Clearly somebody needs to have their wumps busted.

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Took the bag to dicks to a local tailor. He told the tailor to do the best he could and make him something wonderful out of all these dicks. The tailor said come back in two weeks and it’ll be finished.

In two weeks time he came back only to be given a wallet. He asked “A wallet? That’s all?” To which the tailor answered, “Yeah, but if you rub it, it turns into a suitcase!”


the tittle makes me wanna think that fluffy eating dick shape pasta lol
wonder if they still gonna called it skettis lol

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Suddenly the bag of dicks is not longer macabre.


“The lesson of today is brought to you by: The Letter E for Enfing
(The letter stands for enfing, not… fuck the letter “E” you dumball)

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This has been the only Olive Garden commercial I’ve seen before:

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God damn, that video is so quotable.

“The menu is here!”

“I shall eat Italian, citizen.”

“Leave without me, I’ma home!”

“Gluten Classico, from the kitchen.” :wink:

“Olive Garden. When you’re here, your here”

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is there only one пенис in the bag?

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Kill them.

Kill them now.

squadron flies over doing a bombing run
everything is buried under poopies

That would be …ы

In the end, It’s really just a local thing.

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“Love Dick’s”

Bill gates, 2019

Now bag a dick of eats, then .