Fluffyshy is sad :( (carniviousduck)

Okay well, don’t click the items tagged abuse if you don’t like pretend cartoon horse abuse. That’s useful advice, trust me.

“Because I can” is here the issue. You can enjoy fluffy abuse if want but not see why a reason “because I can” is any more but abuser being an animal.

If you want people to enjoy gross horrible stuff only for reasons you find pure and acceptible, uh, good luck with that I guess?

In this image: the toys are of low quality, and break as soon as they are played with. Like this old cartoon. Presumably the Fluffy was given toys destined to immediately break on purpose.

As for why Fluttershy Fluffies, I asked that myself once when I noticed a LOT of older Fluffy art was about abusing Fluttershy for being Fluttershy. Turns out there was some hate for her in the last generation cartoon that caused Bronies. Not sure if it was oldschool fans, Bronies, or kids who hated her, but apparently its a thing that everyone loves Rainbow Dash but she has to be absolutely perfect, Fluttershy exists to start at a place of hope and be punished by the universe, and depending on the homophobia of the creator Applejack either suffers for being vaguely gay or is the one spared any abuse at all. Pinkie just kinda isn’t a thing or is a male who gets punished for that fact. I don’t know any others enough to notice a pattern. I think there’s a dragon and zebra that I don’t recall seeing Fluffies of?

Honestly my only real background is meta adult memes. Pinkie is a serial killer or something, Applejack has a huge dick but is a huge subby bottom, Fluttershy craves sex with humans and is everyone’s second best sub, Dash performs cunnilingus at lightspeed. Yadda yadda.

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Some people use Abuse to vent severe intrusive thoughts or cute aggression.

Here is a video explaining that using Baby Yoda/Grogu.

“Because fuck you, that’s why” is a meme regarding Fluffies. That the Abuse is not justified in the slightest, and mocking them for it. Or if it actually is justified but the Abuser is not explaining why because they know they only wanted to punish something rather than correct a behavior for constructive purposes.

In-universe the character is a pathetic animal. But its hard to separate the story from the purpose the writer had creating it and what is intended for the reader to feel, which is an extreme high of emotions caused by the fact our violent part of the brain and our immobilizing empathy part are really close together and use related chemicals to talk to the rest of our brain.

Its a “sex and death are two sides of the same coin” kinda thing.


No? I wanting knowing why.

Thank you. It is what I wanted knowing!

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That was a pretty good video, thanks

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As much as I like the “Because fuck you!” -line, I’m laughing too much to even say it. :rofl: