Good Daddeh Part 1, by Swindle

Speaking of the old gang, who all is back as of this writing? So far I’ve found you, Carpdime, Wolfram, and Artist-Kun off the top of my head. Still hoping Deathproof, Phantom and Fractal will come back, and maybe Funk or Gowdie. Shady too, despite what he apparently pulled (which I only heard about third -hand).

Hah! Exactly. I’ve experienced that firsthand.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Carpdime, Wolfram, and Artist-Kun were back. I miss Deathproof (especially his Brent Spiner stories), Fractal, and Spaghetti Dave.

Never heard of Shady pulling anything, care to enlighten me? PM if it’s something that doesn’t need discussed publicly.



I did a bit more digging and found Foxhoarder, too.

Man. I loved this series so I’m glad to see it here. Really could see this as a fluffy Don Bluthe movie

Ah, yes, the mantra that has led so many to their doom—fluffy and human alike.

Really, though… Fuck Becky. I think we can all agree on that. It’s fitting that the last thing she did, even after all those sorry poopies and scaredy poopies, was shit herself.