Last Vet Visit (Ace)

I guess Tinsel’s owner couldn’t afford to keep Tinsel’s kids. Least the snake got a mostly good meal.


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It got upgraded, at least


Welp at least her mumma will never know the truth. Also did she give him Tinsel foals for euthanasia instead of selling them to a shelter? Why?

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Too many fluffs. Even in a hugboxers mind, humane euthanasia is better than going to a shelter to be killed with a hammer by either an abuser or shelter staff when the foals dont get adopted because there are literally thousands of them.

OtherCoraline had a story where his fluffies kept having foals and he resorted to blending them once he ran out of people to take them.


Pretty much what Pete said. Nobody wants them, they’re trash essentially. A shop isn’t going to buy them from you in a world where they’re pests, unless they’re super rare colors/breeds.


I know where to bring my fluffies now, you could make a series with this doctor. I do have some animal concerns … for the snake which ate the sensitive baby assfirst.

Was sensitive tard poo drained first?

Either way, this was a really good story.


Fuck me ace, you know exactly how to play with emotions and still make me laugh and feel sad

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