Libby Chapters 17 and 18 (final) by Dildofarmer

Well, that was disappointing.

Nice, good ending! All fluffies died!


Also, i love how some comments are complaining about abusing in a abuse tag story, funny!


Thanks! I don’t recall the other stories you mention here, they must have been somebody else. There was a lot of good stuff on the Booru.
I am editing up what I think was my best story, which is about three mares and their foals undergoing an experiment with an irritable lab tech.
I have two others on G-drive, “Exodus” (fluffy clan kicked out of their home) and “Baxter Street Blues” (drug addict lives next to alley full of fluffies). They aren’t in great shape to my 2021 eyes, so I might edit them up or maybe just start on something new. Gotta feed the beast!

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Died too quickly for what she did. Nice story tho. I didn’t like the sorry box part. It’s really just because I don’t like the idea of being both stuck in a small area and stuck in an uncomfortable position, but I loved the whole thing! Keep up the good work!

I just really wanna know what happened to man after he killed Libby and what happened to the lady, did she ever come back, and also what does his friends have to say about what he did and is the red foal dead or not ( I assume they are dead ) but what I don’t understand is why Libby didn’t run away from home when she had the chance.

After following this weird little community from the beginning (though only from a distance), this story is one of the best, one could easily arguably the best, long form fluffy fiction carried over from the Booru. After years of being away, this story still rung fresh in my mind and it still makes me nauseous to read.

This story is a wonderful little achievement and a major piece of fluffy history, if there is such a thing.

God have mercy on poor Libby.

If you’re the original author and reading this, be proud.

Ah yes one of my very favorite comedies.