Looking for artists that have commissions open. :)

Prices seem fair enough for me :slight_smile:

Right now I have just enough $ for groceries/trips to from work and paying @infraredturbine the half of what they asked for something I’d like to have them make me (if that’s something they’re still ok with doing).

But next week I might send see business your way :slight_smile:

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Oh! Well, in case of a comic I have prices per panel for each type of commission (pencil, pen, colored pencils or digital), so depending on what you choose you’ll be paying a set price per panel :slight_smile:

At what point would you charge more for extras?

I haven’t hired someone to write me something, so I’m not sure what price would be fair to both me and whoever will do the writing. Iirc, most writers that do commissions charger per 1k words but I can’t remember what the costs were

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Is your lineart something I can bucket fill and not look…weird?

I want to try and design my own fluffy, but I’m crap at drawing them. Just want to screw around with the colors/designs I have in mind and if they’re actually worth keeping and not deleting


Yikes. $80 is a bit much for me, at least if you don’t accept a payment plan with the art made/sent once it’s paid off

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Only if it requires making a completely new drawing or an overhaul so big it may as well be a new image. For example, giving a fluffy longer fur just means adjusting its belly fluff to hide its legs, but giving it a different pose requires redrawing it from scratch.

The specifics depend on what you’re looking for, so I can’t say for sure if what you have in mind would cost extra or not.

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I suppose it could be look fine