Paprika and Mustards litter up for adoption! CLOSED ( Gal-With-Pastels)



Aaa yay. Ty so much!

Hmm free adoptions… for any purposes?

If no one wants it i will take your sauerkraut, it will be part of my flock… @Gal-with-pastels

you can have him!

That just leaves Cayenne.
Some what tempted now.

you can if you want

I love peppers. I’ll take Cayenne?

as long as you promise to use her.

Can’t. Going on an art practice spree for 2 months. Hope someone else enjoys her I suppose.


so , Cayenne is still open

I may have goofed and didn’t grab the reference pic before she got blurred out :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to take good care of her.

Are this fluffy adopted?

I believe Cayenne has been adopted by @GreaverBlade.

Yup, I adopted Cayenne on her second run.