Prodigal Fluffy (Other Coraline)

Granted, Enfie Pals have been around as long or longer than Litter Pals. Subjecting a fluffy to unwanted enfs either as punishment for the receiver or reward for the giver is a staple in most headcanons


Prodigal fluffies always get what’s coming to them in the end…

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I think if they were real they’d get treated better than animals, and would probably be avoided by sone predators due to the offputting smells and sounds.

People who abuse animals and children would target them, even as vermin most folks would avoid them or amuse themselves with pets and feeding. The neediness would be a feature.

Just like how people upload terrible shit online like guys throwing dogs out car windows or parents gaslighting their kids in terrible pranks you’d have a community devouring it before mods come in. But yeah, I don’t see the artificial nature doing anything to increase their likelihood of abuse.

After all the Roomba companies usually have two options for defective units, one for repair and one for replacement and both at the same cost, since people get attached and requested to get the same one back so much. The vacuum that knocks stuff over gets that level of empathy. Humans would packbond with anything, especially shit that talks. Hell, anti-Abuser vigilantes are more likely.


You’re no fun :triumph:

But you’re right, which is why we need to come up with things like fluffy stupidity, incontinence, and fluffy caused plagues and recessions to give some semblance of logic as to why humans would hate and abuse the harmless little shits :joy:


Well that end was unexpected :dotted_line_face:

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That and humans in Fluffverse don’t seem to match up with real life humans in a lot of cases. They actually match Fluffy personalities in quite a lot of ways, which interests me.

If I had to give a simple answer I’d almost say they never figured out lead contamination was bad in Fluffverse. Or that they discovered it so late that its “controversial”, “political”, and “socialist” to reduce lead contaminants in food/water and the environment.

Hell, I’d even suggest Fluffverse Roomba companies will send you back the faulty one so you can Office Space/Jabba’s Palace it.

Maybe a universe like ours that created Fluffies have far less defects in theirs, but are overall more boring as a result without the edginess and most people just forget they exist since they don’t bother humans much on the street.

Cross the two universes over, see the leadless-verse human arrested for stealing Fluffies bred for Abuse from Abusers and only having gotten caught because Fluffies are so terrible they couldn’t be kept neat and quiet with stable populations, meanwhile the lead counterpart gets busted buying Fluffies and ripping them to shreds right outside the shop in the street and killing Ferals on the streets where the locals knew them all by name all while lamenting how boring and hard to kill they are. Then send them to a world like ours where Fluffies don’t exist and lead contamination shouldn’t happen but still does in smaller quantities in some places sometimes, and they both have to figure out something else for their life to revolve around. Maybe become lovers and raise guinea pigs for food or something, I don’t know. Maybe Neutralverse made another toyline live or something.


Never thought about that, but as soon as I read that it rung true for a lot of headcannons:

  1. Humans tend to be stupid, only thinking as far ahead enough to gain instant gratification
    a. Fluffy stupidty
  2. Humans are vicious, vengeful, and spiteful.
    b. Smarty syndrome/Bad Mummahs/Hating alicorns and bad colors
  3. Humans don’t seem to have a full understanding of the consequences of their actions
    c. Fluffies incapable of understanding the world beyond eat, sleep, play
  4. Humans prioritize the abuse of fluffies to detriment of all other things
    d. ‘Babbehs make ebryting bettah!’ → runs away from loving home and dies in the park

That’s interesting. The only stories I can think of that break these trends are fluffy-centric stories without people, or mill/breeder stories where the humans are going through the motions and the abuse/sadbox/horror comes from the apathy of the human workers who could stop the suffering (of at least one fluffy) and any time by simply rocking the boat.

Maybe the real fluffies were the humans we made along the way :thinking: :exploding_head:


He get what he deserves. The shitrat has to know better.

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Admittedly I’d bring Scout back home with me. But he’s going to spend an as of now undetermined amount of time as an outdoor fluffy. Perhaps if I live in an area infested with owls and hawks and other predators they’ll become a garage fluffy.

Either way. Terrorize them sleepless at night so they believe the only save place is home.

Then the enfing fluffy gets bored of enfing the ass and goes to enf the mouth and gets his dick and balls bitten off lol

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People would absolutely have multiple fluffies for one or more purposes.

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Also humans appear to have no attention span/memory when it comes to bonding. Fluffies replace their speshul fwends with remarkable speed, and humans replace their pets even faster and get mad at the original if it turns back up. I don’t know about anyone else but I cried when I thought my ferret had got out and I found her within the hour, and I keep wanting to send my childhood teddy bear for repair but I end up not doing because I don’t want to risk losing him in the post, so I just don’t get this mindset at all.


Since fluffies can talk it makes sense. If they truly loved their owner they wouldn’t run away since it has been explained to them unless they decide to start their own family because they hate daddehs rules or something.

A cat or dog getting out and getting lost is acceptable since they dont have the language comprehension of a fluffy so you can’t get mad at them.


Don’t human kids wander off a lot too, though?

They dont disappear for weeks at a time and come back like nothing happened

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Well, that’s usually true, but there are outliers…


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Also, “prodigal” actually means “profligate”, not “running away and coming back”.

Toys that you can take life’s basics from and entice to rape each other with tricks. Would society grind to a halt if these things were real?

The rape train is leaving the station, destination not in sight

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