Sea Fluffies Require Upkeep (Ace)

Wolfram’s depiction is definitely my all time favorite as well, though the fluffies always seemed large to me, and I like to imagine them smaller

I love the one comic where a pillowed one gets taken to a pool but just gets stuck in what might as well be a puddle and forced to watch the others play lol


That comic is also my favorite. The ones which can swim seem barely able to do so, the pillowed one of course gets to sit there in sadness. He depicted them as seals and without the body weight and fearsome bite are plenty pathetic. I really enjoyed that.


That’s how i imagine them as well. Basically like a type of small mutant Fluff-seal but without any capacity for aquatic grace or ferocity. Just a helpless soggy blob.


I love neglectful abuse it’s a classic


this absolutely slaps

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