[Skrelptastic] Not Your Babbehs Anymore, Pt. 2

Just read your backlog, I love how you write fluffs, old school stupid yet still believable and well written

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Love the story, more please.

In my headcannon the “baselineprogramm” is implemented through what they hear. So they hear baby love mom and mom love baby for exsample all babies love their mother no matter how much they are abuse by their mother. It takes a lot of time to rewrite the baselineprogramm, that is why poppie babbehs do not run away as soon as possible.

So I look forward how your headcannon plays out.

I love this! I really hope you pick it back up!

Are you still thinking of continuing this one? Would love to see where this goes next!

I’m glad you like it! Honestly I did try continuing the story after I saw that people here really liked it, but it turns out it’s really hard to continue a story you haven’t touched in 6 years. Who knew right?

I got through some of it but ultimately it’s nothing I’d feel proud to post, so it’ll probably go unfinished unless another writer wanted to pick up the story.

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Can think of worse ways to go.
Did he ravish the dandelions due to them sharing colour with his fluff? They make for fine & decorative human nourishment, though the acidity might be a bit much for a sensitive little fluffstomach, especially raw.

fantastic can’t wait for part 3

If you ever want to send me a short outline of where you wanted the story to go, I’d be willing to write up a conclusion to the story.

I also had an idea for a short addition to the Tulip’s Hole story. I’d love to write a POV of the wingie baby. Had some fun sadbox ideas of what all would be going through its’ head while its dad yells at it and then bites its wings off lol.

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Fraid that never happened

Did her little husband have Butt issues or where fluffys some how even worse for oopsy poopsys back in the day?

Skrelp… I loved this story way back when. Really wish you’d continue it. :heart:

I really appreciate the kind words and it makes me glad to see people remember this from back in the day :slight_smile:

My fluffy-based writing days are done unfortunately. Not for lack of trying but I just don’t have the drive that I used to, at least when it comes to fluffies. Don’t think anything I’d produce at this point would be satisying – the ideas are there but the soul just isn’t, if you could say there was ever soul involved in stories about shit-flinging technicolor mini horses in the first place.

Any writer or artist could continue the story and I’d be totally happy to share ideas or proofread, but otherwise that’s it. I know unfinished stories suck but I feel like remaining unfinished is better than if I forced the writing and ended it badly.

but babies live

I swear I remember this from long ago.

Love it and really want to see more