SparkleFluffs ™ [by TheBestBud]

So, I am working on a fluffy breeding kennel idea. It’s a special company working with Hasbio that specifically bred in a sparkly main, similar to the old mlp toys. However, unlike the mainstream common fluffy, SparkleFluffs ™ produces more premium and specific fluffies.

All fluffies and foals sold would be fixed so owners would be unable to try and breed the sparkly main trait, and only select groups of fluffies with the trait will be kept but would be confined and bred in a separate breeding kennel that’s also owned by SparkleFluffs™.

Due to the expectations of premium fluffs, Just having a sparkly main won’t cut it. Foals must be born with the sparkly main trait, born with three or more colors [white and black count], don’t have any deformities or visible illnesses, and can’t be born with distasteful colors. All foals that can’t fit these requirements are discarded before reaching the market. This draws in children and adults who seek eye-catching and colorful fluffies.

The current mascot and the fluffy shown in the picture is Shimmer. She is well trained and is seen in many of the advertisements caring for foals, enforcing SparkleFluffs™ products, and anything else needed for the company. She is one of the only adult SparkleFluffs™ that remain unfixed in the company and are not specifically used for breeding.


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Thank you!

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Your art style is just adorable and I love the idea of the Sparkle fluffies. Shimmer is so cute, she looks like a banana split!

Thank you! She was originally based off of a fruity milkshake! However she was still named Shimmer to keep things on-brand!

Welcome to the community! Your art is adorable, can’t wait to see more from you! :heart::heart:

I laughed picturing this as a click game where it was just the conveyor belt and you had to pull off the bad ones for disposal and like quality control. Each level adds different quality checks.

Minor spelling quibble: main should be mane.

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Undesirable “bad” colors are profitable in another way, but not the way a breeder would like. All undesirable foals are sent to a facility that can provide fast foal processing and reselling the “bad and ugly” foals. The facility runs non stop industrial furnaces and burns unalived foals, foal byproducts, bones, bile, and medical waste.

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