The Ballad of Chocolate Chip #8 (By Chocowate Chippy)

I don’t know exactly why, because it is an absurd concept, but I really like litter pals

I am back good to be back

@Neighbor Who the hell are you and why are you spamming this person’s replies with your insipid nonsense

I’m gonna learn to draw so i can draw a fluff mart owner who uses “litter pals” getting all of his limbs ripped off and spending the rest of his life getting shit on by fluffies

Please do that so we can ban you :heartpulse:


Obviously not cuz mfs are replying

Gonna cry?

My guy you have been here a few days and you are already annoying as hell, you dont know anything about the community and i strongly imagine you are underage but regardless due to your short activity history ill let someone like @Mr_Owl decide.

If you want to stick around learn to not be so obnoxious

DM me with your bs if you must doing it on someone’s post isn’t cool.

Lmao I’ve been in the community for over a decade, this is just a new account. you fucking nerds know nothing about the community and you’re all people with shit lives who fantasize about taking it out on small animals to feel better. Go ahead and ban me lmao, what will i ever do without an account in this community that’s gone to shit because of creeps who draw foals getting raped?

Lmao, you really are new if you think foal rape is a new concept. We are all the community, and you’re the misfit nerd who can’t even fit among bunch of autistic weirdos. Go home cry more because it’s obvious you’re just some hugboxer schmuck with daddy issues and unprocessed anger. Also if you hate it so much here, why even bother coming here? Nobody else wants you either?

Then you know some of the most notable people in the community during that decade drew “enfie-babbeh”

You know, RQ, Bad Roomie, Grim1… no of course you dont. way to get exposed. :+1:

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Count on smarty to expose itself. :ahahaha:

All I’m really reading from this is “help I can’t come out of the closet because I’m too obese to fit through the doorframe”. I guess maybe try some crisco around the edges… Just be careful not to eat it all, fatboy