The first love (Pages 1-8 Censored) Commission for Weikzu———–Art by Inshi

At least you know what you want, and you’re not hiding behind some bullshit conviction. You wanna see uncensored fluffy pussy because you wanna fuck a horse. And that’s fine. Live your life the way you want.

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(post deleted by author)

By your logic, anybody who wants to see Fluffy abuse wants to abuse real horses.

This is a site revolving around taboo content featuring fictional creatures. People draw foals being sodomized to death daily. Someone wanting to see an uncensored version of one of the tamest comics on the site in terms of content is nothing.


I believe Inshi’s uncensored NSFW stuff can only be found on his Patreon, which is linked in the post.


They do not… im a patron to them.
Very sorry to say…well that i didn’t want to sound rude

Much smarter fluffy than most! An actual Good Smarty?

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Ah, the old Catholic gotcha.

Your art is gorgeous but censorship deprives us of the full range of your depravity.

Is this artist still around for commissions?

I’d say so