The Unity enigma--------Commission for Lizardwatcher-------Art: Inshi

I saw the holes in the mountain.

I instantly knew.


Excellent job, wonderfully weird adaptation of that Ito classic.

I love it! :wink:
Good comic!

I find it fasinating in fluffy-verse humanity create a pighorserat and somehow it causes paranormal things also shows up in our world. wierdbox kind of shits.


llamenme loco,pero desde que lo vi entrar sabia que saldria como un caballo.

Now thats an awesome body horror the inner scene panels and the scream gives a chill.

Was surprised at the end it turned into a common horse (except for the color) nice ending wasnt expecting but nice.

いとう じゅんじ!!

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That was strange yet enjoyable

Que referencia mas GOD xd

I fucking LOVE THIS!!

Wasn’t it Michelangelo who said something akin to this about sculpting, but in reverse?

Fucking genius