101 Dead Soon-Mummahs (by recreationalsadist)

This is an ongoing project that I will continually update, feel free to pitch your own ideas.

  1. Her special-friend abandoned her and she starved to death.

  2. Her special-friend purposefully fed her parsley to force a miscarriage so he could enf her again and all her organs exploded out of her special-place. Her special-friend felt no remorse.

  3. Her herd tried to move her by rolling her, but accidentally rolled her off a cliff.

  4. Her herd got tired of her and rolled her into heavy traffic.

  5. Her mummah-songs attracted wolves.

  6. She was being artificially inseminated, but the machine broke and pumped so much semen into her that she fucking exploded. It was like overfilling a balloon with semen.

  7. She was so bad at being pregnant that all her internal organs fell out and she died.

  8. A group of kids used her to play soccer. Soccer. SOCCER.

  9. High school students launched her from a catapult they built. They got an A+ in Physics.

  10. A tentacle monster and Portuguese doctor played a recording of swearing at her until she miscarried. Then her miscarried foals dragged her to eternal torment in Sorryland.

  11. She was a seafluffy and her pregnancy caused her to inflate and rise to the surface of the water where a boat full of refugees found her and used her as food.

  12. A child jumped on her like she was a trampoline until she burst open.

  13. She was mistaken for a Chinese spy balloon and a F-22 fighter plane shot her with a missile.

  14. Someone farted in her face and it was so stinky she died.

  15. Josef Mongola* lit her on fire as part of an experiment to see if fluffies hate being set on fire.
    *Who is not and never will be a doctor.

  16. She was fed vegan kibble until she died of malnutrition. The vegan learned nothing from that.

  17. A teenager shoved a firecracker up her special-place, lit it, and then watched her explode.

  18. @BFM101 's Crimson listened to her when she said special-huggies were bad for her tummeh-babbehs. So he instead raped her anus until her organs got shoved out her mouth.

  19. A homeless man cooked and ate her while she was still alive and begging.

  20. She exploded into babies.

  21. She was murdered and buried in the Las Vegas desert after her herd tried to invade a casino belonging to Anthony “Tony Tentacles” Talucci and he sent hitmen after them.

  22. A dog bit her to death. The dog’s owner was more angry at the mess.

  23. Her owner got tired of her and threw her in a nearby river, where she floated along crying until finally her fluff got wet enough for her to get dragged beneath the water and drowned.

  24. Her herd’s smarty realized she couldn’t move to eat what she wanted so he fed her shit instead. She eventually died of eating too much poop.

  25. She ended up on a landmine and by the end of her pregnancy she’d gained enough weight to finally set it off. Luckily someone had set up a camera to record the whole thing.

  26. Her Libertarian owner demanded she get her own food and water and she died of thirst.

  27. Her Communist owner threw a temper tantrum after seeing someone criticizing Stalin online and smashed her in a fit of rage. When his mom saw the mess he blamed it on capitalism.

  28. She was crushed to death by an industrial press.

  29. A man used her to test his new sledgehammer. By raping her to death with it.

  30. Someone stuck a shotgun up her special-place and then pulled the trigger.

  31. A college professor took her apart in front of a class full of his students.

  32. She was the secret ingredient on a cooking show.

  33. A shooting range used her as a target.

  34. An apple fell out of the tree she was under and the force of it hitting her snapped her spine.

  35. She called a grizzly bear “poopie” and the bear tore her apart.

  36. A fluffy surgeon practices his craft on her and somehow manages to turn her into a bomb.

  37. She’s fed antidiarrheals and the buildup of poop along with her pregnancy ruptures her.

  38. Shot out of a cannon onto a wall of spikes.

  39. Someone shoved a live grenade up her.

  40. A liquid nitrogen canister was shoved up her, then broke, which froze her from the inside out.

  41. Run over by a steamroller.

  42. She was a Litterpal and got crushed to death as her pregnancy made her too big for the box.

  43. Her owner was mad about her getting pregnant so they stabbed her to death.

  44. She got sent to a fluffy shelter and was immediately euthanized for being unlovable.

  45. She was beaten to death by irate Brits after vocally supporting Brexit.

  46. She was used as a pinata at a children’s party. The children loved it.

  47. A random meteor hit her.

  48. Her nest contained a lot of metal and lightning struck it.

  49. She was so bad at drinking water that she drowned.


The universe dejected her existence and she exploded.


The father was a cannibal fluffy and the babies ate her from the inside out.


She’s given a laxitive which makes her shit so hard she miscarriages. Truly the biggest of poopies.

Josef names her Ricky and re-enacts the Oberyn v Mountain fight from Game if Thrones


I make it 36 with the other replies so

  1. She was used to teach young hunters tracking and shooting and was shot with air rifles until she slowly died of lead poisoning.
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  1. Her herd left her behind after she broke their no-babies-in-cold-times rule, and got pregnant just after the first frost. A rotten hollow log with no top does not keep snow out. She froze to death under a blanket of powder. Her body wouldn’t be seen again until spring.

Wouldn’t vegan kibble be better for creatures based on horses?

Fluffies are horrible hybrids of all kinds of animals, they’re not just small fluffy horses.

They are omnivorous and thus need meat proteins.

  1. She ate a spool of wool or string thinking it was a longest skettis and died

  2. She was toilet potty trained so when she had biggest poopies she went in the toilet and when she saw it was babbehs, fell in trying to save them and they all drowned

  3. she was micro fluff, and got eaten alive by rats

  4. she was a regular fluff, and got eaten alive by rats

  5. she was a micro fluff, and got trapped in a spider web and eaten by spider

  6. she found some “big fluffes” (sheep) and tried to join the herd, only to be killed by sheep dog

  7. she found a new nestie, but it was just some old clothes thrown into the middle of a road. she got ran over

  8. running away from dogs, she climbed down into a storm drain to never come out again

  9. she was a sea fluff who got caught by fishermen, who cut her fins off for fluffy-fin soup and threw her back into the ocean

  10. she managed to get taken to a nyu housie, but was made into a litter-pal, with a home-made litter-pal apparatus which was sealed on the back. it became full of chirpies babbehs and poopies, and they drowned in shit and she died of infection

  11. she wandered into a construction area, and went unnoticed. she had concrete poured over her as the workers were building a new foundation

  12. bought at a pet store, by owners not understanding a bio-toy is a living thing, was put in a gift box and wrapped. she was a good fluffy so stayed quiet. She was a christmas gift. it was august.

  13. She was a pillow fluff who got pretty good at rolling around. the owner let all the fluffies play in the back yard. she ended up rolling into the swimming pool and drowning

  14. she tried to sneak some icecream at night and got stuck in the freezer and froze to death

  15. her child-owner told her to hold his kite at the park, the wind picked up and she didn’t let go until she was 30 feet in the air, splat.

  16. she had a bad habit of getting in the way while people were walking. her owner was carrying a big, heavy box and stepped on her because he couldn’t see her. she became a pancake.

  17. she got stuck in between elevator doors, and it descended, only her front half made it to the ground floor

  18. Celebrating her birthday, her owners popped a bottle of champagne, the cork flew threw her eye and killed her

  19. died from a coconut falling onto her head

  20. after being inspired by birds, she attempted to fly off of a cliff. she failed.

  21. a member of a fluffy herd, she was stomped to death for making bad poopies. she was too pregnant for her feet to even touch the ground and walk to the designated poopie pile.


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She was a seafluffy who had relations with a normal fluffy. Her fetuses were so deformed that one began to accumulate the air she sent it and grew like a balloon. The seafluffy died exploding (we need seafluffy stories

Sucked in by road cleaning machine.

Was going to give birth underneath of a hornet’s nest but accidentally bumped it, comedy ensues.

Turns out she’s not pregnant, she’s just fat and dies of diabeetus

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  1. Her owner left newgrounds open and she had a heart attack when she saw the leafeon Rule 34 he was looking at.
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I thought this was gonna be like the dalmations movie at first. :frowning:

she got stuck sideways in the Suez Canal, blocking ship traffic until she was removed by a bulldozer. After being removed from the water, she realized she had been in water, and retroactively drowned.

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Her owner is excited about the babies and feeds her whatever and whenever she wants. She eats so much sketies that she explodes.

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I got two more for you guys, pregnant mare gets adopted by a far far far leftist and has to have genderless babies, this causes the mare to go into the want to die loop.
Next up we have the air hose shoved up her huhoo and babies go sploook.