1941-1945. Can repeat. (by: Quickhorn)


a recreation of an infamous and controversial patriotical car sticker with the same inscription as in the title.


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Ah Russians, fuck the Nazis. Problem is nowadays it seems you are becoming more and more like them.

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problem is that this sticker implies the repeating of the billions of losses that we suffered during the war. no one in his right mind should want to repeat it


The safe kind of rape

If you fight like Zukov you lose like Zukov.
Stalin and his Generals changed Russians demographics for Generations to come and what makes it even more sadder is that without the Wast Recourses and industrial Power of their later adverceries aka USA they had even lost more People or the Complete War. If the two global Super powers that emerged after WW2 had worked together than be hellbent on Idiology Supremecy the world could be a better place. But we have a saying in Germany. “Hätte hätte Fahradkette!”

The Tragedy of 1941-1945 is something that should never be Repeated but the more we look at the World it seems more and more like 1936 again and the people in Europe that have suffered the most from the Nazis seem to be the ones that are now embracing their idiology
So willingly.


Seeing as I’m half-Jewish, I think embracing that ideology would be a suicidally stupid move on my part.

So I just don’t get why anyone else on Hitler’s Scheißliste would think it’s a good idea to join a group that hates them.


It’s Fascisim not explicitly the complete “Partei Program der NSDAP” BUTa lot of it Superiority of the white race offer other. Hatred of Jews and Muslims but the last one is new. Also Hatred against Lgbtq+. In some nations the destruction of Women rights are also a thing for some. If I had to pull an example from the EU I would say Poland and Ungarn are the most likely to turn into Nazi esk states.

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