"2 Innocent" (Part 1) by:MightyMorphinFluffy

You put some spaghetti in a pot and sit George down on the kitchen counter.

“Wha am dat daddeh? Geowge neba seen dose nummies befowe.” George says as he tilts his head to the side.

“This is spaghetti. It’s noodles with meatballs and sauce.” You explain

George’s eyes widen.

“Dose am skettis? Geowge’s fwuffy daddeh used to teww Geowge bout skettis. Daddeh say dat dey am bestest nummies ebah! Buh Geowge nebah seen dem befowe.” George says

“How do you remember all of this stuff? You were still a chirpy when all of that happened.” You ask

“Cuz dose wewe da onwy timesies dat Gweowge had heawt happies…when Geowge was wit fwuffy daddeh. Buh den ou found Geowge an nao Geowge awwawys hab heawt happies! An Geowge nebah fowget when Geowge hab heawt happies.” George explains before he hugs your arm.

“Can Geowge jus hab wittwe bit of daddeh’s skettis? Nu wan be wude an num daddeh’s nummies buh Geowge jus wan know wah skettis taste wike. Fwuffy daddeh made skettis sound su gud an Geowge jus wan know if dey as gud as fwuffy daddeh say.” George asks sheepishly

“What do you mean “my skettis”? This spaghetti is for both of us.” You say

“Weawwy?! Skettis fow Geowge?! Tank ou su muchies daddeh!” George exclaims as he gives you another hug.

“You’re welcome bud. You’re such a good fluffy.” You say as you run your hand through George’s mane.

“An ou am bestest daddeh.” George replies

“Thank you buddy. Listen this is going to take a while so how about you go play and I’ll come get you when the spaghetti is ready.” You say

George tilts his head in confusion

“Wha am daddeh tawking bout? Geowge nu hab toysies ow anyting to pway wit.” George says

“Are you sure about that? Why don’t we go have a look at your saferoom?” You say back

“O-otay?” George says clearly still confused

You pick George up and take him to the saferoom.

“Howy poopies!” George exclaims when he sees his new and improved saferoom

You had decorated George’s saferoom with toys and playsets while he was still at the vet after he woke up. The doctors had to keep him and run a few tests and keep an eye on him to make sure he was good to come home so you took the opportunity and bought him a bunch of stuff to celebrate.

Blocks, a ball, different materials for him to feel, different scents for him to smell, a teddy bear, a tunnel system designed for fluffies, a ring stacking toy, an abacus, a wooden bead maze, and a shape sorting toy.

“Su many toysies! Tank ou su muchies daddeh!” George squeals with excitement before you put him down and watch him race towards the toys.

“Now wait one second George.” You say

George stops moving and turns to look at you.

“Yes daddeh?” George asks cheerfully

“There is one last thing I have for you.” You say as you pick up a small box that was lying in the corner of the saferoom.

You sit the box down in front of George.

“Come here bud. You’re going to love this.” You say as you take out two syringes, a bottle full of a strange liquid, and two prosthetic legs.

“Geowge nu wike pointie ting.” George says as he backs away slightly

“Don’t worry buddy. Do you trust me?” You ask

“Geowge twust daddeh.” George responds

You take one of the syringes and inject the contents of the bottle into George’s back right leg.

“Owwies!” George says before his eyes widen with a sudden realization.

“Geowge can feew weggie!” He exclaims

You repeat the process with George’s back left leg.

“Geowge can feew dat weggie too!” He shouts happily

You put the prosthetics around his back legs.

“Now try to move them.” You say

George slowly moves his back legs until he is standing.

“Weggies wowk nao! Tank ou tank tank su muchies! Bestest daddeh ebah!” George squeel with excitement as he starts crying tears of joy


Me poor, wee heart.


Sketties and weggies? That is a damn good day for George. I only hope he gets to be reunited with his fluffy daddy at some point.


Great he got legs now :+1::pray:


dear god almighy man i just finished Too, and now this sugar rush of sweetness?

Adorable the best boy

just came back with this new account. I regret reading my old shit. Jesus christ the cringe