30 years later... By ArisenLeaf

30 years later… By ArisenLeaf

You’re hanging with your friends, Damien, Jorrel, and Drew by the river. Usually you all just get drunk and would just start messing with the small crustaceans found there, forcing them fight in a jar, but today you found something strange in the mud.

It looked mummified and had bright patches of colour on its now leather pelt. Your friends were too scared to touch it, so you used everything you had to pull the dead creature out yourself.

It was… odd-looking. Chubby, stumpy legs, and a roundish snout with brightly coloured fur, no way was this creature something you seen before. It was too… alien. You wanted to see the insides, but you had do take it home to the garage. Whatever this thing was
It had a story, one that’ll tell you exactly what it is.

Then your mom came in…

At first she was yelling at you for dissecting dead animals in her house, but her focus was shifting onto the creature, forgetting about you and just staring at the animals body. You had to get her attention to break her out of the trance she found herself in and to your surprise she started crying…

“M-ma? What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing…” she sniffled “It’s just so sad.”

You weren’t convinced and knew she was avoiding the question.

“Ma you never cry over road kill, so what’s with this thing that’s bugging you?”

At first she was reluctant, but gave in knowing you wouldn’t let it go.

“It’s called a fluffy… they went extinct years ago and now… nothings been the same.”

“Fluffy? What’s a fluffy?”

“One of humanities greatest pets.”

They were a bio-engineered pet. They weren’t finished when they came out so they had problems that people didn’t like ranging from: fragility, intestinal, and behavioural. This led to people wanting to exterminate fluffies causing massive groups to form, one side abusers, the other hugboxers.

The hugbox group were infamous for the fall of Cleveland, building an amusement park for fluffies. The abusers however, were known more for domestic terrorism, using fluffies as a guise to start riots and push their hateful views, killing innocents.

Your mother told you her experience with these things aswell.

She loved a fluffy once, one that saved her life and got her to meet your dad. The little guy was described as her brave little stallion, he wouldn’t let anyone bother her, even your own father at one point.
Truly a protective companion.

Before you could ask anymore your father pulled in…

“Damn it! Samuel get the rest of the stuff in the vehicle! I’m gonna grab a Tylenol real quick.”

Part 1/?

This is my story from the subreddit, hated the formatting so I decided to put it here.


Very interesting! Can’t wait to see where you go with this story. Love the idea of domestic insurgents using fluffies


Yes more is required.


The story requires additional pylons!