56 - Mummah in Alley by Deliverance

A typical happy feral family, part of “39 - Frodo the Anthro-Fluffy”.

Full size here.


They’re filthily cute

That’s a lot of poop

The look in the left Poopie’s eyes. He/she is going to wait until Mummah is pregnant again and immobile then crush its sibling’s windpipe in its sleep. Extra nutrition means nothing when adrenaline and complete surprise are factors. Together the Poopies will feast on the remains of their sibling, Mummah’s stockpile, and leave.

Also, that’s solid waste. Those Foals are weaned.


look at all that ammount of shit
amazing art my dude!


Remove its eyes and stick it in a room covered in shards of glass for the crimes against cabbages


Would have took those poor poopie babies so sad seeing em mummah proud of giving poopies to her poopie babies, damn programing shit! :triumph:


I can’t say I’d blame the poor little bastard.

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I like this but what’s around the foals’ necks?

A aggressive hug boxer seeing this would be like:


Just keeping their poopy siblings warm with a blanket of feces. :slight_smile:

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Looks like they have a lion style mane instead of the neck/back style mane.

Must have inherited from the father.

There was a comic where a mushroom gave them such hair as well~ but if that were the case the mom would probably have it too…

Programming is abandonment or mercy-killing.

Sadism is forcing them to eat shit and live in it. Although it may have been learned cruelty rather than personality. Owner buys a domestic a Poopie Litter-pal, runs away to breed, shits on her own Poopies and tells her young to do the same since she equates it to “Good poopies in litter box or on Poopie Fluffy.”


thats actually a cool concept for a fic

takes notes

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Yes, it is a mane or collar, marketing thought it could make them look more “adorable” or even “sophisticated”, like a fur collar or a cat’s mane. The constant mutations proved otherwise.


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christ, your foals are probably the only ones who i truly desire to just grab by their stupid little manes and just yank every hair out.

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Perhaps dewlaps?

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Makes me think of @Moesius’s fluffs. Can be quite lovely if you want it to be!

What comic is this?