71st fluffy hunter unit part 1 by shadowraiden23

so, I’m going to say this I’m not good at fluffy speech I know so this is kind my own story and I don’t care for negative comments any more… so here is the story.

status: … activating hunter protocols
mission: capture feral mares and foals … eliminate any smarties and toughies that don’t surrender while scanning mares and others for chips so they can be sent back to their owners, if possible, otherwise send them to the processing plant delta
mission status is a go… happy hunting hunters.

Inside of an unmanned vehicle was a squad of newly developed hunter’s units. these units were machines that don’t have a soul the company that made you decided to remove the one flaw hunters and abusers have … the human kind of mentality. which sometimes can be swayed from hurting hasbio toy’s not that you cared you were a hunter unit designation dusk due to the black Camo paint that was applied to you before the mission cause the techs decided on it and your weapons were a sniper rifle and baton used many times to put down a smartie that decided to act as a hero as well as many fluffiy’s who tried to run from containment sadly the unit you have was full of humans … most of whom were former military and abusers just wanting to get their daily kicks of abuse on fluffy’s but you … you were different from them, and they could sense it. as one of the men who worn a bright red bandana spoke up

" Hey uh serge mind Tellin me why the big wigs corporate sent a tin man with us? " The man chuckled a bit for he was an abuser and took his job with pride knowing he would burn out a fluffy den and watch them as they tried to flee out of the exits only to see them sealed up.

the sergeant sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose " caused you f’ked the last job we had remember … we’re supposed to capture the dam herd and scan for any chipped fluffy’s remember? and some of them had good homes with rich folks while you decided to end them all which cost us big time. and torch remember we’re under that things command so don’t screw this up. "

the other man sitting across from torch, a big guy chuckled " what not use to taking orders from a machine? that does twice the work for no pay? " Torch snorted " oh can it hammer. it’s bad enough I don’t have enough money thanks to his thing. taking most of the dam hunter jobs. "

a voice on the intercom sounded as the display lit up " greeting gentlemen it seems like you’re arriving at the nesting site of the feral herd that’s been causing trouble for farmers. and kidnapping mares from one a very rich woman." the display changes showing an elderly woman with an alicorn fluffy. " Her name is luna and she is a very rare alicorn of a color aquamarine. "

torch snorted again " so what’s so special about this alicorn? " The man leans back " i mean it’s just a fluffy nothing special. "

segreant punches torch in his arm " that alicorn is heiress to the largest breeding mill in the states dumb@$$ any way alia what do we need to expect.? " The a.i didn’t say anything as the hunter unit started to power up. the display showing the directive.

mission: capture the herd and recover luna…
weapon status: … armed
power status: 100%
hunt status: … green light happy hunting hunter

the vehicle stopped just outside the area of operations. as sergeant stepped out of the back of the vehicle followed by torch and hammer " alright dusk your up " the side door of the vehicle open up as the unit was lowered down and stood up.

" Sergeant … it has been 246 days since your team started working with me. please remind Mr. Henderson that you all are to remain by the transport and not interfere with the mission. " The sergeant nodded " right dusk we’ll be using the drone to drop the net and this time it’s hammer who’s on drone op’s. " hammer gave a small smile " just like my ancestors hunted with traps i can now fly one dusk nodded as he grabbed the rifle.

the rifle was modeled after the beret 50 caliber but used pellets instead of live ammo " well now you seem to have a favorite weapon " torch exclaims only to see dusk walking off into the dense brush " man what the hell is that things problem … i get i messed up a job but why send that tin can in? " the sergeant looks at torch " cause we’re obsolete now … this our last gig and we’re getting paid big time for it. " mean while at the large tree a herd was nesting there with their last prize of new mares.

end of part one

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If you’re having a tough time with fluffspeak just take the easy route and run it through the fluffy translator until you get a hand of things

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Thank but this is gonna be a p.o.v from the hunter unit since it doesn’t understand fluffys nor cares about their speech

“Thank but no thank”

Also, obligatory