7th Grade Edge/Cute&Fluffy Ruined [by: ekulmam3838]

"Dear Parents or Guardian of student Eric Jones,

Recently in class, students have been learning about and discussing the care and protection of Fluffies as apart of our yearly Hugbox Week, where we celebrate our pastel friends. Unfortunately, it seems as if Eric does not want to participate, and has some more disturbing qualities when discussing fluffies. He goes from happy, friendly and playful with the other children to dark, reserved, and honestly, borderline murderous. We had to remove him from the live fluffy room, he has already destroyed multiple specimens of school property.

We encourage your son seek psychotheraputics or removal from school. He is scaring the children, as well as our dearest and beloved fluffies.

Attached is an example of your sons’ “artwork”.

Thank you,
Ms. Smith"

I saw this post and had a dumb idea - what if these coloring sheets were given out in schools, but what if the fluffy abuse started early in one students life?


Fluffy hate is natural.


when a kid is caught with stuff like that they will often use the excuse of:

“I was joking”

“I thought it was cool”

and my favorite

“It’s just a drawing”

but its the excuse that parents would use:

“They’re just creative”


“That boy needs therapy…”


I’m surprised in parenting lessons schools don’t give children fluffies to care for instead of an egg.

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Eggs are more durable.

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He’s just like me

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“Is our boy a hug boxer or an abuser?”
“I’m afraid he’s…a weirdboxer.”


Ahh, I remember those days. I still miss my full-page drawing of the school principal pumping kids full of hydrogen cyanide.

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