86 - Dancie Babbeh by Deliverance

Maybe is his style, not everything need be clean even hugbox.

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@MossyFluff @NaruEve I guess you’re right.


Not by Unicron, but by unicorn

Someone patted themself on the back for that one


The entire series was silly.

It culminated in Earth revealing himself as a Transformer. The only time he isn’t female or Unicron’s long dead corpse.

The scaling issues were intentional, for comedy.



I love that even though it’s dancing, its still pooping and peeing rapidly!

It is interesting. Its cute, its adorable, its a little gross and awkward (red rocket!) like a puppy can be… Its very authentic and not sugar coated in the least.

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Do he the shit and pee dance for getting a new onwer?

Real baby animals do tend to make a mess when excited and people who want to adopt them expect that. It’s whether it keeps on doing it that’s potentially a problem.


Definitely something you’d want to address with superglue or hot glue on a defective toy.

I think once it’s able to eat and excrete it’s automatically classed as a pet, but humans in fluffyverse don’t necessarily agree.

Ah see I’m on the side of it’s a bio-version of a “really talks and poops” doll. And you can use glue on those.

Yeah, I say once it fits these and you can’t switch it off and on again at will it’s a pet: What are the 7 characteristics of life? | Socratic

The implication behind the QR code tattoo is that this is the kind of person who exists solely to consume the latest and most fashionable corporate products, and uncritically believes whatever narrative is presented to them by mainstream culture. It’s a reference to something predicted/suggested a while back by some tech corpos: that people in the future would get QR tattoos attached to their bank accounts that they could directly swipe when buying things in order to skip the “hassle” of using debit/credit cards.

Obviously, people pointed out how stupid this is and how it would quickly become a means of effectively ‘chipping’ people, and it turned into a meme. These days it’s associated with the “don’t as questions, just consume product and then get excited for next product” types of people.

Basically, Deliverance is saying that the person in the image is an NPC and a simp, and a slave to his/her corporate and government masters.