A bedtime story [By Zereal]

Let’s see what we have here… Oh this is an interesting story. Sit around young fluffies and get ready for a ride! I hope you enjoy your bedtime story.

It’s April, a dark afternoon, the sky is covered by black clouds, and a thunderstorm is approaching.

Under a tree, in its roots we can find a fluffy family, a swollen pink mare with lime mane lying there waiting for her special friend to arrive. It’s taking him more than usual. She was expecting the worst, with her babies on the way and her special friend missing. She panicked only to be comforted by the sound of Toothpaste, a cyan unicorn with black mane, her special friend.

”Why speshow fwiend take so wong!?”

”Toowfpazteh am sowwy, fwound wotsa nummies an’ hab tu bwing them aww. Toowk bewwy wong taime.”

”It otay, Luwnah stiww wuv u. Wan huggi-”

”BIGGESH POOPIES” The scream echoed on their little den.

”Nu am poopies am babbehs!”

Babbehs? Now? She wasn’t no longer a soon-mummah, she now WAS a mummah.

A little head popped out of the mare’s special place. Toothpaste cleaned the babies and handed over to Luna, who didn’t have time to appreciate it, as more of them were coming out.

Then the worst happened, two out of the five babbehs weren’t chirping, they were forever sleeping.

”Come on babbeh, make waikies and chirpiehs wike odah babbehs.”

”Babbehs gu fowebah sweepies huuu huuu huuu.”

They mourned the loss of their offspring, but they had to keep going forward with the three babbehs that survived. A pink unicorn similar to her mother, a lime pegasus and a white alicorn .

That was the first time Toothpaste had seen an alicorn, as all fluffies…


He lifted his hoof, it was a munstah, he was going to give it fowebah sweepies.


Toothpaste brought his hoof down with all his might, ready to avenge his other babbehs…

Only to be blocked by Lunah.

”Why pwotect munstah?!”

”Siwwy Toofpazte, tha’ nu am munstah, tha am awicown.”

”Owd daddeh towd Luhnaw tha, awicowns awe bestest babehs!”

Lunah’s old daddeh, was very knowledgeable in fluffies, he’d trained Lunah to not be scared of Alicorns, and instead, treat them better than the average fluffy.

”Suuu, munstah babbeh am bestest babbeh?”

”Yus, Wunah wuv aww babbehs bu’ awicown babbeh am bestest babbeh.”

”Otay… Toofpawste nu am suwe bu’ am undewstand”

The following days went on normally, Toothpaste leaves to get food and resources, and Lunah stays nursing the babies, they often cheerp happily and (try to) play. One thing is sure, they love their mummah. Especially the white one, she got fed twice as more as her brothers, and got spoiled more. ( I think we all know where this is going…)

One day, they opened their eyes, they could speak before but they weren’t able to see anything. Fortunately, Toothpaste hadn’t left yet.

”Wook speshiuw fwiend, babbehs awe opening see pwaces!”

”Toofpawste am su pwoud of babbehs, wuv aww babbehs!”

A chant of “wuv” and “huggies” followed, The proud parents hugged their little babies,

It wouldn’t take long enough for the foals to form short sentences. For now, their personalities were starting to show.

  • The pink colt unicorn was running around, he was the explorer baby for sure. He was… a sensitive babbeh. His name was Plex.
  • The lime pegasus filly was very shy, she kind of looked like an off-brand fluffyshy. She was very shy, and preferred to stay with mummah. She was given the name of Greeny.
  • And at last, the white filly alicorn, her name was more throughout by Lunah, she had purple mane, it remembered Lunah to a character she’d seen on the teebee, Rarity was her name. At first she was nice, she helped around, taking care of her brothers, and loved to play and hug. But soon she started to change.

”Mummah, Wawity wan miwkies.”

”Bu’ ou’ aweady hab miwkies!” her sister complained.

”Nu wowwy babbeh, gib miwkies wen bwuda and sissie am finihs”

”Hmph, nu am faiw, wan miwkies NAO!” She stomped her hoof on the ground.

This was the first time she acted up, but it wasn’t the last.

”Am sowwy Pwex, babbeh wan miwkies.” She grabbed Plex and holded him in a hug while she sang.

He chirped in complain, but that didn’t matter.

”Don’ wowwy babbeh,ou’ can hab miwkies when oda babbeh fuww.” She comforted the chirping baby.

”Mummah, nu wan mowe miwkies, bwuodah can hab miwkies nao.” She got off Lunah’s crotch tit. She wasn’t full, but her brother needed the milkies more than her.

”Otay, bu no wowwy babbeh, mummah hab wotsa miwkies fow babbehs.” That wasn’t a lie, she had a lot of milkies, all thanks to the food that Toothpaste kept bringing.

To all of this, Toothpaste hadn’t come back for a while now, even for him, being gone for this long meant something wasn’t right. And Lunah knew this.

”Babbehs wai hewe fow mummah, mummah gu chec on daddeh.” She said as she placed the babbehs down.

”Wawity nu wan be with dummeh bwudah and sissie, wan gu with mummah.” Rarity said as she climbed on Luna’s fluff.

”Nu wowwy mummah, Gweeny an’ Pwex wai’ hewe.”

Well, then that settles it. Lunah left their little den looking for Toothpaste.

Wowie, this story sure is long, i think i might have to cut it short for now. You might have to wait until the next bedtime to continue this story. For now, good night.


So we getting a smarty alicorn? Ohh boy


Or at least a bratty one. :slight_smile:

Lets see if she falls into the depths of smarty syndrome where the super ego is consumed by the id and Ego alliance.