A beginning to a saga by Tex

This is my first official story, so please keep that in mind

Your name is lilac, and you are a good fluffy, or so daddy would tell you whenever he would come check in on you as you enjoyed your tv and toys. You’re a pretty female fluffy, a lilac colored, hence the name, earthie that daddy rescued from the shelter, you don’t remember much from your childhood but all you can remember is that you were found in an alley without your mother or father, huddled in a pile of your starved brothers and sister shivering for warmth. One day you were watching your daily shows after dad had given you your weekly bath, even though you always tell him the “water is bad for fluffies” schpeel, but he made it up with some treats. As he sets you down to prepare your daily kibble mix for lunch, you ask him a simple question “daddeh can wiwac hab special frien and pretty babbiehs?” you had always seen them on the tv shows that you watched, and you always wanted to feel complete. As you asked daddy the question, you could see a pained expression on his face, as if he always waited to hear it come from you mouth, “No sweety” said daddy, “We only have room for you in this house right now, but tell you what, once we move to a better place then we’ll talk about the idea”. To hear daddy say that angered you, you were a good fluffy, and good fluffies got what they wanted and you wanted to yell at daddy for not rewarding such a good fluffy, but you knew better for daddy would stray from using the sorry stick if you backtalked him or lashed out in an unnecessary action.
A few days pass and you become slightly more wanting of having your special friend and pretty babbiehs, but once again daddy says no, but this time you didn’t want to hear no as the answer so you decide the best action would to have a tantrum. You yell and scream at daddy that you’re a good fluffy and that you want special friend and pretty babbiehs! Dad didn’t like this, because with a face that was able to contain most of his anger, he walked out of the safe room and got the sorry stick. You were confused, you thought the sorry stick was only for when you got out of line, you were simply explaining to daddy that you were a good fluffy and that you wanted a special friend and pretty babbiehs, but he didn’t care for he lashed you, pretty lightly, across the back a couple of times yet the pain made it feel like he had just whipped you at least a hundred times. You screamed and made scary poopies and peepees which daddy didn’t like so he lashed you a couple more times. After he stopped, he just stood there, breathing raggedly and strained, then finally he says with as much of a calm voice to turn around and to face him. After what felt like hours, a mere three minutes to a human, you finally turn to face daddy. His face help disappointment and sadness but you couldn’t understand why, was he upset that he gave “owwies” to his bestest fluffy? Or was it that he couldn’t give you what you wanted. But no, stupid daddy felt no saddies for his bestes fluffy, he only said “When you finally break from your wants to be a mother, then we can talk about the future” stupid future, hate the future, it’s not now, you know in your little heart that daddy won’t give you special friend! You decide that you don’t want to be here anymore!
Later daddy would come back in to check on you, the pain on your back had subsided but you had thought that if you could milk it for its worth, maybe daddy would give you your special friend and your new special friend could then give you your pretty babbiehs. “Hey lilac, dinners ready” and then you remember! Its sketties night! You always loved sketties more than the idea of a housie, daddy, special friend or pretty babbiehs! “Also, I know you’ve been waiting for tonight but we will have to postpone sketties night, you were a bad fluffy today because you yelled at daddy and made bad poopies.” What daddy said was the worst thing you had ever heard, even worse than when he said that there wouldn’t be a special friend when you asked for one! You were angry and upset! You were a good fluffy and being a good fluffy meant you were to be rewarded! “When you become a GOOD fluffy, then youll get sketties again, until then, all you get it kibble” You couldn’t hold it back anymore, you threw the worst fit you could ever muster, you puffed your cheeks, you stomped your hoofies, you threatened to give daddy sorry poopies and then you did the most blasphemous thing you could have thought up, you said “I HATE CHU STOOPID DUMMEH DADDEH!!! HATE CHU! HATE CHU! HATE CHU!! WIWAC NO WANT TU WIV WIT STOOPID DUMMED DADDEH!!! And then you realized what you had done, daddy had began to slowly twitch, quick and violent spasms moved throughout his body as if he was ticking. As you slowly looked up to look at daddy’s face, for once you saw pure hatred, it was as if all of your daddies love for you disappeared and was replaced with the intention to cause you pain. Before you could make a dash for it, daddy caught you by your scruff and held you up to his face so that you could look him in the eyes. It was as if the human you called daddy was replaced with a monster, his eyes held the intent of murder, his veins bulging from his neck, he even let out a deep exhale that shooked you to your core. He said nothing, but calmly walked to the door with you by your scruff. As the two of you got closer to the door, you could hear daddy saying “I did everything I could for you, I worked so hard to get you the toys you wanted, the best tv so that you could watch your shitty garbage shows and fed you. You could have been killed in that shelter but no, I WAS THE ONE WHO SAVED YOU!” As daddy opened the door, all you could see was a pitch darkness, it had been night time when you blew up at dad and he wasn’t going to let you stay in the house any longer. With a solid underhand throw, daddy sends you flying to the curb and as quickly as you can, you try to run back to the safety of your house, franticly screaming that your sorry and that you wont asked for anything again. That caused daddy to pause from closing the door, for which you think is him accepting your apology, so you start screaming “THANK ‘OU DADDEH! WIWAC WUB ‘OU SO MUWCH!!” but as soon as you get closer to the door, daddy slams the door before you could get in, slamming your face into the wood and causing blood to run from your snout. You cry and cry for daddy to open the door and let you back in and then you resort to pounding on the door in desperation, but nothing gets daddy back to open the door for you, as the front porch lights turn off…. And so do your chances of living with daddy.


You forgot to put your name in the title.

Thank you

A few weird phrasings and it would be a lot more readable if you cut into smaller paragraphs, but overall I liked it.