A Can Of Monster (AMDk7)

After @Tia and @ArisenLeaf I’m the third artist to have a go at @TheLittle_Stonerboy 's Monster
So blame them !
I know I do.

Monster here is kicking back with some cans of monster and doesn’t look pleased he is being disturbed in his drinking .

This is the result of looking up MLP art because I struggle with sitting fluffies and their back legs.
Not sure I like the result.
But he looks very fluffy thats for sure.


Good job on the back legs,they can be very difficult.

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They are.
This is the result of around 4 to 5 sketches with Rambo in the same pose, or something similar.
i’m not sure i want to go in that direction though.
Fluffies should have stubby legs.

The only way I could think of making them stubbier would to make the rounded shape of the knee be more like a “c”. As in,a smaller “hill” of the knee. Unless you’d like to eliminate the knee shape completely,but then you’d be left with the sitting teddy-bear pose,which I know you are trying to get away from.

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I am honestly not entirely sure.
I want to get away from the sitting teddy bear pose but I am not sure what to replace it with.
Or at least make that pose less samey and more dynamic.
…if such a thing is possible with fluffies.

Also, drawing sodding cans is hard !