A Certain College Town: An Introduction- Why is the town so clean? ( By ZiggleSlug)

If you happen to find yourself down south, in a certain southern state, you might happen upon a certain college town.

In this town you’ll notice something strange. It’s very clean. It’s as if this town has been left untouched by the plague of fluffies that had been set upon the country nearly twenty years ago. But that’s not the case.

There are fluffies in this town. At least one out of ten of the city’s residents own one as a pet. Because of that, every once and a while some of these fluffies run away to have babies, often mating with someone else’s pet fluffy or worse a wandering fluffy from a migrating herd. Other times outsiders passing by will sometimes dump their unwanted fat fucks in a random ally before driving off. The worst is in the winter, but that’s a tale for another time.

So why is the city so clean?


Fluffy booru H…,…
Post by user: NetraAvil /5 years ago

Hello hugboxers, abusers, and every burrower in between. I have a proposition for those living in or around [ a certain college town]. I love this little college town of mine and was wondering if yall would pick up and clean fluffy waste around the town. I’ll be willing to pay those who help $10 per pound of waste. I also have various connections to many of the shops and cafes here and could get you various discounts and even free food. After all, college students have enough expenses to deal with. If interested dm me and I’ll give you further details.

Update 1: fixed spelling

Update 2: You can do whatever you want with any strays you find as long as you clean up the mess afterwards. But if you find any coco colored (poopie or shit colored to you abusers) fluffies I’ll be more than happy to take them off of your hands and pay you per its weight.

Update 3: Don’t worry about having to dispose of the waste, I’ll take each bag off of you and dispose of it myself.

Final Update: I just want to say thank you to everyone who showed up and helped this past weekend. We got a lot done, and some of you even got to take home some new pets. I think I’ll start posting flyers around town so we can make this a weekly/monthly thing.

Top comment: user: CheekySmarty- Would you be willing to collect fluffy waste from pets. I love my little guy but his waste fills the trash can to fast.

NetraAvil- I’d be willing to come collect it, but I wouldn’t pay for it since it’s your pet’s waste.

CheekySmarty- Hell I’ll pay you to take it if you actually show up to collect it.


uh Hi, I’ve been a lurker for awhile. Wanted to contribute a thing or to hope you enjoy

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I presume we’ll soon find out what he’s using it for?