A Confectionary Tale of Puffies. (By Biorb_McBiorb)

Over the last few weeks, I- Biorb_McBiorb, have been creating a DnD Campaign.

A Conquest of Confectionery Wonders

Essentially it’s a campaign set in Candy Land, but I am not here to tell you about that, instead, I wish to tell you of a creature in my little world, a nod to some of the funniest sounding, abuse-ready, hugable, sad sacks of Fluff the internet has ever seen, Fluffies!

And with that, i wish for you too meet…

The Puffies!

In the setting of Candy Land, the Puffies frequent only one place, a safe haven for them, The Lollypop Forrest.

While normal Fluffies are some of the worst fucking things created, Puffies are similar, as they were created by me, and i hate them, but also feel sad for them, so Puffies are a tad different then their retarded Fluffy counterparts.

Sadly, due to the absolutely hostile land around them, Puffies are limited to their fey enchanted home, and no subspecies actually exsist.

Puffies come in three different flavors, literally.

Mint - The Earthie Variant.

Strawberry - The Unicorn Variant.

Vanilla - The Pegasus Variant.

There have been no reports of a adventurer ever seeing a Alicorn Puffy, but due to the mixture of flavors, most Puffy mothers and fathers would simply deem the Alicorn as not their own child, thinking their flavors would only develop a mix of their own.

Sad to say, most Adventures will never see a Puffy Alicorn, or even a Puffy to begin with! While most Fluffies are simply designed to ask humans for help, Puffies are isolationist, deeming to see any Adventurer as a enemy of the herd, and will fight them off at the first chance.

Puffies are an actually danger to-… Why are you laughing?! It’s true!

Puffies dont poop, but can release a massive torrent of Lemon Sludge from their rears. (Lemon is the flavor swapped damage type of Acid.)

Strawberry Puffies can shoot small bolts of magic* out of their horns, and Vanilla Puffies are hasted constantly!
(Magic Flavor is varied depending on spell type, Sadly, they know very little in terms of spells.)

While they prefer to stay in their land, they are absolute cowards, only seeing the threat to their home only after they engage their target. They will absolutely attack anything, only ever retreating after their attacks have not worked, or they see the actual danger in their enemy.

Considered small fey, the Puffies are more likely to ask for aid from the magics around them, believing the forest is their friend, and will protect them…

Which is actually true.

See Puffies are similar to another dnd race of enemies, the kuo-toa.

The Kuo-toa literally invented gods of their own to protect themselves from the threats they constantly faced, creating gods out of the objects around them, like, real walking, living gods…

Puffies share this ability, and, with enough belief, the Puffies can create ‘Herd-Friends’ to help protect them from the dangers of the fey-wild.

Which they have…

A lot…

The Fluffies geratest creation is the “Bigges’ Smawtes’ Smawty Ebah.” Or the ‘BIg Fwen’ for short.

The Big Fwen is a ever sleeping behemoth of a Puffy, only ever waking up to aid his follower/creators. The Behemoth has been heard of, more often than the Puffies, as it’s gargantuan size allows it to be seen by multiple people, towering over the pinkish treetops of the Puffies Forest home.

Stories tell of a battle between the Big Fwen and a low flying Dragon…

A scuffle was started and the dragon… Was quickly killed after the Big Fwen told it to, and i quote,

“Fwy into da gwound, kiww youw sewf!”

To which the dragon complied, flying head first into the ground, shattering it’s skull onto the rocky outcrop below it…

While Puffies are isolationist, the criminal underworld of Candy Land has received a job or two to retrieve a foal for an exotic animal collector or two, crews of 12 to 13 are recommended due to the lethality of said jobs.

It is also important to only grab the foals, as a full gown Puffy will resist at every chance it can. Only raised from a young age will a Puffy ever deem a creature, that isn’t a Puffy, as it’s Daddeh or Mummah. Some Wizards have actually used Strawberry Puffies as small helpers… For very… VERY simple task…

Puffies are weak to fire, and can only really speak Puffy-Talk. They can understand Common, as they hear languages differently.

to make it more friendly to My players, i avoid all forms of abuse and weirdbox, only sticking to sad or hugbox respectively.

I would also like to share the stat blocks for the Puffies! Here you go!
Mint Puffy

Strawberry Puffy

Vanilla Puffy

I kept the damage types as they originally are, but in Candy Land, forms of damage are changed to flavors, such as Fire now being Cinnamon, or Necrotic now being Chocolate!

Puffies are essentially small Candy Horses covered in a thick layer of Candy Wool, they are built almost exactly like regular Fluffies, so if you ever wanted to draw them, or describe them to your party, just know the only real notable differences are the thicker layers of wool Puffies have, and the candy consistency!

Oh, i didn’t make Foal stat sheets because…

I mean c’mon, they’ll just be squished and squashed under the boots of adventurers or even their own parents running away!

While a bit tougher than Fluffies, Puffies are cookie-cut to be, act, and think the same as Fluffies.

And thats all i really have at the moment! i’m still making maps and such for the entirety of Candy Land, and making small stat sheet changes for certian monsters, Puffies were created to just sort of… Fill the world with life in a way, lol.

I also didn’t know whether to put this in Community post, or Fluffy Games, due to the fact of relation to DnD, so i just put them in the games side.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you want Stat Sheets for the other Puffy creatures like the Big Fwen, or the mythical Alicorn species of Puffy!


Of course you understand that we’re going to require stories based on your players’ interactions with these creatures.


true, which will be super fun because none of them know what a Fluffy is, let alone what a Puffy is in reference to.


Hah! I love this and it makes me wish I could play.


How creative and fun! I’d love to see a Puffy,I want to touch the cotton candy fur. Is it the fur of the Puffy that is flavored,or the entire Puffy itself?

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the entire body is made of a single flavor, but the wool has a different consistency!

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I misread “Horn Jab” as “Horn Job” the first time I read the stats.



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I really hope your players know what they’re getting themselves into.