A Day in the Life of Clint. [By Biorb_McBiorb]

[06:30 am]

Clint wakes up, gets showered, dressed and ready for his early day.

[07:00 am]

Clint prepares food for his fluffies and the fluffies in the backyard, roughly a whole bag of “Owganic Soft Kibble for Fluffies” is used.

Clint does headcounts on both the inside Fluffies and the Outside.

Clint heads back inside to let the Inside Fluffies out of the Safe-Room after finishing their food and lets them roam around the house to play.

[09:25 am]

Clint heads to the backyard to check on the Outside Fluffies to see if they need anything in particular, notes that Marika, the Adopted ‘Former’ Femme fatal mare from the shelter needs a new blankie, says she gave hers to another fluffy who needed it.

Clint trains the Outside Fluffies in rudimentary rules and habits, Poop here, don’t poop there, don’t give special huggies with out Clint’s okay, no hurting other fluffies, the usual.

Clint plays with the Outside fluffies, letting them bond with him so continue to trust him more.

[12:10 pm]

Clint prepares lunch for him and his fluffies, following the same process for breakfast.

As the Indoor Fluffies finish their meals, Clint heads back inside after promising a new ‘bwankie’ for Marika and to be back outside before nightfall.

[01:30 pm]

Clint breaks up a small argument between Volt and Oingo. Volt teased Oingo again about liking Jolene again. Oingo still fails to realize his crush will go nowhere because the nurse mare likes mares.

After the argument Volt and Oingo hug and proceed to watch Johnny Bravo on the Safe-Room TV, Volt calling it “Pwactice fow when Oingo makes his move”

Gravy, Agate, and Chili join them and watch while the others play and have fun.

[03:20 pm]

Clint overlooks Kahlua’s foals, letting her get a much needed nap, hand feeding them via bottle, while Crush supervises.

While Clint watches over the foals, he notices Chuck sitting on his nest, watching Gwen and his kids play together, slightly wheezing. Clint moves over next to Chuck to comfort and pat his head while the foals drink up and cozy up into his lap.

After babysitting, Clint goes to his office, looking over emails and potential applicants for the store, realizing the opening is only a few months away.

Clint adds about 5 more applicants to his yes pile, reaching into his desk and grabbing three smarty micros and throwing into the tank container, flooding it, and releasing it into the tank for Lusca and Ahklut to eat and divour, thanking Clint for the meal the two Angler-Fluffs begin to play with the pool toys Clint got for them.

[04:12 pm]

Clint heads to the kitchen to make himself a sandwich, hearing a scream from the backyard.

Clint runs outside to see three ferals had made their way thru the gate, a fourth being stuck inside opening in the gate.

Smarty tried to enf Rosie, the Yorkie patterned foal Clint kept from his little outing a week ago. Marika had stopped him, ripped his nuts off and had crushed his head beneath her hoof.

the other two fluffies were trying to get back thru the opening bashing the Fluffy suck in the opening. The screams where coming from him.

Clint gave Marika’s mane a tussle, complementing her for saving Rosie, then walks to the two trapped fluffies and the on in the gate.

Clint grabs the two, throws them as far as he can out of his backyard, Clint then looks over the fence to see 5 other fluffies trying to pull out their friend.

Clint helps by reeling back and kicking the fluffy out of the opening, its face brutally bashed and bleeding as Clint wears steel toes, yelling to the ferals to leave.

Clint goes back to this outside fluffies and consoles them, and praising Rosie for being such a brave baby, Rosie is very pleased and goes to play with the other foals, seemingly not remebering her family, and what Clint had done to them.

Clint spends some time getting the opening to the gate closed. Answering some questions the Outside Fluffies had, some wanting to pay, some just wanting to talk with Clint.

Clint enjoyed the whole experience.

[06:30 pm]

Clint finishes the patch job on the fence, and gives Marika a new blanket for her nest. Marika says that she “woves it!” And goes back to her nest, watching Rosie as she played.

Clint heads back inside to see Chuck has still been laying down in his nest.

Clint checks over him to see he is still breathing, but quietly, and roughly.

Clint rouses him up gently for dinner, ‘Imitation Sketti’ the same thing all the Inside Fluffies eat on Fridays.

Chuck does wakes up, and slowly joins his family for dinner.

[08:30 pm]

Clint puts on a movie for the Inside Fluffies to watch, Shrek 2, and sits and enjoys the movie with them.


Clint wakes up from the nap he took during the middle of the movie to see all the fluffies had congregated around him, Oingo and Volt and Argus sleeping on his chest.

Clint gingerly wakes the fluffies up and puts them back with their family back in their nest for the night.

Clint leaves the Safe-Room and begins to prepare for bed, not before checking outside to see all the outdoor fluffies have long since gotten to bed.

Clint takes a shower and puts on some pajamas, looking to his phone to see Donna sent him a few photos in her new dress.

Clint spent a few moments before bed texting Donna about the dress, about the applicants, and how the Fluffies are doing.

Clint sets his phone down and slips into his bed, turning the TV onto a Deep-Sea documentary.

Clint falls asleep a few moments later.

End of day.


Would have thought that the fluffy stuck in the gate that Clint kicked would have looked like this on the other side


THAT WAS FUNNILY AENOUGHT THE IDEA! but I don’t know how to put that into fucking words so… LOL


Overall, a good day! Now he knows to make the gate’s bars even more close together (if it has bars)


“After kicking the stuck fluffy through the hole in the gate, he clearly heard the fluffy screams of several ferals, likely the rest of the herd. Clint also heard a disgusting, barely audible gurgling sound coming from the other side of the gate. With a morbid curiosity, he peered over the gate. There, to his amusement, sat the twitching ruined body of the no-longer stuck fluffy he had kicked. It’s head had been forced into its chest cavity, right between the shoulders. The eyes were staring in different directions and there was blood oozing out from where the skin had ruptured; the fluffy now looked like some machabe parody of a turtle hiding in its shell.”


Nice diary / do list story :+1:

Stupid ferals they get what they deserved.

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Damn son, wanna write my stories for me? Lol jk

Nah, I’m good at writing sIngular scenes and world building but I suck at pretty much everything else. That’s why all my writings here are basically data reports.

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