A Father's Sacrifice. [By MuffinMantis]

You’re a warehouse working doing ten hours of tough labor a day for minimum wage. One day, someone comes to you with a strange request. Why would anyone want a case of 200 cans of expired food, you wonder. But given that you’re barely making enough to rent a tiny apartment and he offers you $50, you’re more than happy to help, no questions asked.

You’re an orange earthy fluffy, and your name is Buddy. You used to be a feral fluffy, but your daddeh saved you and your babbehs when you were starving. You’re so grateful for your daddeh, and he loves you so much. He’s the best daddeh ever!

Every morning you wake up in your nice room, on your nice warm nestie. Daddeh always gives you as much sketties as you want, so you never ever go hungry. Even though there’s lots of toysies to play with, daddeh still plays with you, so you don’t feel lonely. Your life is almost perfect, and you never imagined that life could be so good as a feral.

The only thing that makes you sad is that you can’t spend time with your babbehs. Your daddeh says you have sickies and could give your babbehs sickies too if you get near them, so you have to stay away. He says if you’re a good fluffy, maybe the sickies will go away and you can see your babbehs again. In the meantime, there’s a TV so you can watch your babbehs run and play. Every day, daddeh plays with the babbehs, too, so they won’t feel lonely.

Your almost-perfect life goes on for many bright-times, but one day daddeh comes into your room, and he looks like he’s been crying. You don’t understand, until he tells you that since your babbehs are big enough to eat real food, he doesn’t have enough good nummies to go around.

He says the babbehs might have to eat bad no-taste-pretty nummies, and never have sketties. You can tell he has the worst heart-hurties, but it makes you sad, too. He says that if you eat the no-taste-pretty nummies, he can give the babbehs sketties, instead. You don’t want to have bad nummies, but you want your babbehs to have sketties more, so you tell your daddeh that you want the babbehs to have the sketties. You try to pretend to be happy, so that daddeh won’t have to cry so much.

Now, instead of sketties you eat kibble that doesn’t taste good at all. But there’s always plenty of it, and you feel so happy when your babbehs get to eat good kibble and sketties. Your life isn’t quite so perfect anymore, but it’s still much better than you’d ever hoped for when you lived on the streets.

It’s been many bright-times, and sometimes daddeh comes and says he has to take something away. You feel so bad about being such a burden to him, so you always pretend to be happy so he doesn’t have to feel so bad. Now your perfect room doesn’t have toysies, and your nice soft nestie is gone, so you sleep on the floor instead. You never get enough to eat, so you always feel hungry, and because your nestie is gone you get so cold when you sleep. But you don’t want to make daddeh cry, so you keep pretending to be happy.

Every day, daddeh still plays with you. You don’t watch your babbehs as much as you used to, even though they’re big talkie-babbehs now. Seeing the nice room that has everything your room doesn’t have anymore makes you sad, and you don’t want daddeh to see you being sad. After all, he’s always so sad these days, and you don’t want to make him cry more. He’s always crying now.

Your babbehs are so big and strong now, always eating the best food. Sometimes you worry they’ll forget about you, but every day daddeh tells them about how nice you are, how much you gave up so they can be happy. You really miss them, but you don’t want to give them sickies. You gave up asking when you’d be better when you saw how sad it makes daddeh.

One day, though, daddeh comes into your room with a smile on his face. This makes you so happy! It’s been soooo long since you’ve seen him smile. He says that you don’t have the sickies anymore, and that you can go see your babbehs again! You feel so happy that you almost forget how hungry you are!

Daddeh carries you into your babbehs’ room, and you marvel at how nice it is. It’s been a long time since you watched your babbehs on the TV, and you’d forgotten about the nice toysies and soft nesties. But more importantly, you can finally give you babbehs huggies again after so, so long!

“Daddeh! Am time fow sketties?” One of your foals asks, walking towards your daddeh, seeming not to notice you at all.

“Not yet, Sky. Today’s an extra special day! Your daddeh is here to see you!”

But instead of the cries of joy you expected to hear, instead your babbehs became angry, shouting mean words.

“Nu wan daddeh! Wan sketties!”

“Nu cawe 'bout dummeh daddeh! Gib sketties NAO!”

“Daddeh am dummeh! Weave babbehs awone fow many bwight-times! Hatchu, hatchu!”

Tears begin matting the fluff around your eyes. How could this happen? What happened to your kind, wonderful babbehs? Why did they hate you so much? Were you less important than sketties to them? You couldn’t understand.

Your daddeh, seeing your tears, quickly carried you out of the room. You can see he’s crying too. Why were your babbehs so bad? After everything you’d sacrificed so they could be happy!

“I’m sorry, Buddy. I don’t know what’s wrong with them. Maybe you were apart too long, and they don’t recognize you. Maybe if you spend time with them they’ll start being good babbehs again.”

“Daddeh. Buddy hab wowst heawt-huwties. Nu wan see babbehs nu mowe.”

“Are you sure? You gave up so much so they could be happy.”

“Buddy stiww wuv babbehs, bu’ babbeh nu wuv Buddy nu mowe. Buddy jus’ wan be awone, pwease.”

Buddy, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to have to tell you like this, but I can’t keep your babbehs any more.” Your daddeh is crying, he looks so sad. You try to pretend to be happy, to make him feel better, but you can’t. You break down, sobbing in his arms as he cries.

“Buddy nu wan wose babbehs. Buddy am sowwy, daddeh. Pwease nu make babbehs gu!”

“I’m sorry, Buddy, but there’s nothing I can do. But I promise your babbehs will have nice nesties, and toysies, and more sketties than they can eat.”

“Buddy undastand. Pwease nu be sad, daddeh. Buddy wuvs 'ou.”

Outside, in the harsh sun, there sits a metal drum. Half of the drum is stuffed with fluffy beds, stuffed toys, balls, and soft blocks. On top of these sit three furious, bratty foals, screaming in rage.

"Dummeh daddeh! Wet fwuffies out! Nu wike sowwybox!

“Dummeh daddeh! Fwuffy gon’ gib sowwy poopies and wowstest owies!”

“Gib fwuffy sketties an’ toysies NAO!”

This continues for a few minutes, until your preparations are complete. Finally, you’ll be rid of these filthy parasites. After weeks of tolerating their bullshit, you’re done with them. Abruptly, their cries are cut off as you dump 200 cans’ worth of scalding, rancid spoiled spaghetti into the drum, burying them.

It was a shame about the ruined fluffy beds and toys, but a promise was a promise, after all.

Later that day you sit in your favorite armchair, Buddy sitting contentedly on your lap. He’d calmed down significantly since earlier in the day, and now was happily chattering. After all this time, you’d finally found the perfect fluffy, and fluffy who would give anything for those he loved. And now, that love was all yours.

“Buddy wuv 'ou, daddeh!”

“I love you too, Buddy. I love you too.”

[This is mostly a thought-experiment on how someone might mold a fluffy into their ideal pet using manipulation and gaslighting. I found it interesting that there were many stories of people gaslighting fluffies and putting a lot of effort into it, only to kill the fluffy after they were done. Why throw away a perfectly conditioned pet?]


It almost seems like it’s be less effort to properly raise one goal o.o

But, these stories are not about practicality, being sensible, etc.

I do like Buddy.


The owner in this story isn’t really the type to have the patience to raise a good fluffy. He’d probably either just spoil it and have a smarty, or get annoyed at the first sign of defiance and kill the fluffy. Plus, a lot of abusers take pleasure in warping a fluffy into what they want, and enjoy the prospect of getting to slaughter some foals as an added bonus.

Also, Buddy’s a good fluffy. It’s a shame that he’ll probably end up either on the streets again or dead once his owner finds an actual person who’ll fall for his gaslighting.


Or someone who sees right through him and gifts him a ticket to a nice, calm hospital room. You know, to relax!


So at the start when he adopted buddy, when he seperated his foals he like spoiled and brainwash them to become bestesh shit?

Feel sad for Buddy without knowing this man is a monster he wont know.


Yep. His intention was to make them break Buddy’s heart so that Buddy wouldn’t have anyone else to love.


Wow a true abuser asshole I see :cold_sweat: no wonder he is alone and demanded to he love only to him.


This guy has some crazy abandonment issues.


You forgot to put your name in the title


Just imagine if he cons his way into a relationship with a person…



I wish the part where it came time for Buddy’s shitty little offspring to die had some more detail, but otherwise fun read.


He’d end up in jail or in court not nearing the girl. Or house arrest for 6months with a tracker. :sweat_smile:

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I want to see…MORE!!

No, but for real…great job. I really do hope we see more of Buddy and his adventures. I’d bet any money he’d either be dead on the streets after he outlives his usefulness and find some poor girl to deal with his victimizing manipulative bullshit or the owner would spoil the shit out of the fluffy and Buddy would become the very thing he hated.