A Fluffy Crucifixion (My first attempt at fluffy art) (StahlherzSuccubus)

I’ve dabbled in art with humanoid figures but after getting into fluffies I’ve been wanting to draw my own, so I opened up a .sai document and started drawing one in a basic pose (seen in the corner). I thought I actually did pretty well since I don’t normally draw animals at all or even anthro, but it would’ve been too boring to post by itself so I decided to crucify it, so I just decided to crank this out in a few hours. I didn’t go too crazy into detail, but future posts will probably show more effort. I do plan on making more!

Her name is not yet determined. I’m thinking Silverwing or Ow The Edge. Open to suggestions.

Sex: Female
Age: Adult
Species: Alicorn

Backstory and other details coming soon! I really think I could get into this. I should’ve started a long time ago!

Also I’m not religious, the Crucifixion was just a random idea.

Edit: Added the crown of thorns as well as a nosebleed.


You know, I can see towns dealing with huge unwanted fluffy herds grabbing a few and crucifying them like this as a warning to the rest.


I love the fluffy’s coloring


Suggestion: blood eagle execution.