A Fluffy for Thanksgiving PART Something or Other (Libra)

With Thanksgiving coming on the marrow, it was time to begin the meal preparations. The first thing on the list was to trim the fur. Every year just before Thanksgiving to the New Year, The United People Army ran a donation campaign to help increase the much-needed donations that was needed. Despite all the human race and the natural world had done since the release of fluffies onto the world, there were many humans and animal suffering. With the cold weather coming in; the homeless humans and animals, and the poor needed all the help they could get. Hell, even the richest of people needed help now a days. As such, people were asked to donate whatever they could afford. This caused a rise in fluffy adoption off the streets and from the shelters. Fluffy fur was great for stuffing pillows - or just making a pillow in general, blankets, sweaters, hats, shoe/boot lining. You name it, fluffy fur could be used.

This was where the first step in making my traditional Thanksgiving meal came in. Every year, I donated the fluff of my holiday meals to those who needed it. With my work for the government and that work being hazardous and dangerous for my person and health, I was one of the lucky few who was not living in poverty.

Happily, I hummed as I strapped the fluffy down to my work table. The thing wasn’t happy with me right now. That was okay. The thing had lived a good and happy life under my roof, making its meat all nice, tender and sweet. Once the fluffy was trapped, I pulled out my fur trimmers and set to removing the fluffy’s fur.


The fluffy wailed and wailed, making me glad that I had taken the effort to sound proof the safe room I housed the now pregnant mare in. Once I had all the fur removed, I bagged and tagged it. Setting that aside, I turned my attention back to the fluffy. It puffed its cheeks at me and tried to stomp one of its hooves. I just grinned.

“Thanksgiving Meal hachu, monsteh daddeh. Hachu, hachu. Meanieh monsteh daddeh take pwetty fuw.”

I laughed. “Oh please, that fur of yours was uglier than the shit that comes out of my ass.”

The fluffy gaped. “Monsteh daddeh say no-no wowds. Monsteh daddeh am bad…”

I laughed even harder, tears coming to my eyes. I wiped them away as I began the setup of the bowel and urethra vacuum for the next step of the meal preparations. I lubed the hoses with as little lube as I could get away with. Using one gloved hand to spread the fluffy’s asshole apart, I used the other to shove the bowl hose up into its ass. I grinned at the fluffy’s cries of “Worstest hurrties” and its “screes”. I pushed the hose up until it was fully seated inside the fluffy, then clicked the locking mechanism in place. I could hear the shit exploding out of the fluffy already as it shat itself. I mopped up the piss puddle beneath the fluffy. Next, I took the fluffy’s cock in one hand then slowly worked the urethra hose into the fluffy. More shit exploded out of the fluffy into the hose. I laughed as the fluffy passed out. Once the urethra hose was locked into place, I switched the vacuum on. I threw an old dish cloth over the fluffy to help it stay warm, switched off the kitchen light and headed off to bed. Tomorrow promised to be a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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