a fluffy urban legend ripoffMcgee


Oh,how funny and clever! Hahahaha.


fluffsplosion but not from the fluff

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So very surreal ^^

Why even is the fluffy bipedal? So many questions I actually don’t need answered.

Love it!

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(Imagine this read out by a nature documentary narrator)
this breed spider has the marvelous ability to use pray as incubators for the egg sack, increasing survival rate of it’s young by a vast amount.

As the unknown carrier thinks they’ve escapes the jaws of death, the eggs grow under the skin feeding off the host. The Host may notice a lump growing but they have more important matters than removing a odd lump.

if the host survives long enough to the time of hatching, they will be treated to seeing and feeling their flesh explode outward as spiderlings see the outside world for the first time. they then dine on the host as their first meal. It would be a shame to disrespect the hard work the host did carrying them by wasting good food.

& yet again we have these tasteless allegations of spider-fluff congress!