A gift for a friend (Annakenzie)

Wanna note please don’t put any abuse comments on this post due to the nature of it!

I know someone whom has DID, they saw the art I made of my character asmodeus and turns out they have a fluffy based alter who looks very smilar to asmodeus. So they asked if I could draw said alter for them and i had no issue with doing so! They were very easy to work with figuring out specifics and it was fun to draw, and I am very happy that they love it, and I am also glad I got to draw it for em’!


Nice art! Maybe next time you can [REDACTED].

For legal reasons that was a joke.


(post deleted by author)

Lmao, it was a (insert thing here) to make fun of people that ignore the postmaker’s request.


cute! what’s the little fella’s name?