A Good Father. [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Violet walked down the path to his nest, a small baggie filled with good nummies dangled along from his mouth as he trotted back home. Along his side was his Brother, Pinkie, a Pink Earthie with a Brown Mane and Tail, a few months younger, but as reliable as can be.

It was dark, but not too dark, the sun had caused the sky to match Violet’s Fluff, which he loved. Violet lived in the mountains ranges of the Rocky Mountains, it was very far off from humans, which was good, and that meant no abusers, no humans meant no chance a foal could be taken in the night, no humans meant no chance of them being taken and used for unwanted breeding.

As Violet and Pinkie get closer and closer to their nestie, Violet feels a strange sensation in his chest… Like… He had this moment laid out before im in a dream… A dream he had much younger along his life… Violet finally snaps out of this feeling as Pinkie looks back at his brother. “Viowet am otay?”

“Suwe… Viowet am otay…”

As Violet made his way thru the Nest Entrance he was greeted by the sweetest sound a tired father could hear. “DADDEHS HOME!” echoed thru the nest. Violet set the nummies down on the nest floor, and met with his dear babbehs.

Violets family was Six strong, Himself, his brother Pinkie, his Speshuw Fwend, a Chocolate coated Earthie with a White mane and a missing eye, Snow, and Violet’s three babbehs! The First of Dusty, a Tan, Male Earthie Talkie-Babbeh with a Violet mane! The Second was Tree, a Dark Green Pointy-Talkie-Babbeh, with a White Mane! The Third was Candy, a Pink Coated Wingie-Pointy-Talkie Babbeh, with a Light Blue Mane just like Violet!

As their Daddeh made his way in they all hugged and giggled at his return, they hated when he left, but the nest they lived in was not a very safe one, they had dug further into the nest so they can hid from the munstas that can fit into the nest, so only the smallest musntas could get near, but even then the smallest were east for Violet and Snow. After the group huggies from the foals, Violet brought over nummies from his trip out, lots of good grass from nearby, as to not let it taste icky too quickly, some good berries for the foals, and a bundle of flowers Violet had picked, good for nummies and for a gift!

Snow looked over her flowers with pure joy in her heart. “Tank 'ou su muchies Speshuw Fwend! How was twip awound nestie?” Snow asked, chomping down on a heartleaf. “Gud, nu sign of munstas dis bwight-time, buh Pinkie notice we am pwetty cwose tu a twaiw, tink hoomans use it tu get thwu big wocky pwaces.” Replied Violet, munching on some of the still fresh grass.

Pinkie nodded as he munched on his own small pile of grass.

Dusty looked up from his berries and turned to see the sunset. “Wook Daddeh! Sky-pwace am jus’ wike Daddeh!” Violet looked down at Dusty and picked up his son. “Dat am wite Dusty! Am su pwou-”

Before Violet could finish his compliment, a scent wafted thru the entrance of the nest. It was a scent that Pinkie and Violet knew all too well… A Musnta was close. The scent alone caused Violet’s Fluff to stand on it’s ends. “Snow… Take babbehs. Nao. Pinkie, get weady tu du da secwet pwan.” Violet quietly said. Snow, understanding the scent as well, quietly took Dusty from Violet’s hooves, and placed him on her back, while the talkie babbehs were getting close to adulthood, they had no chance to out run whatever munsta was nearby… And it was getting closer, so close that even the foal could smell it.

Pinkie placed Tree onto Snow’s Fluff and took Candy onto his own. “Am weady… Viowet, Pinkie wiww see 'ou again… Wite?” Asked Pinkie. Violet only stared out of the exit of the nest, painful memories slowly flooded Violet’s mind.

“Daddeh? A-am dat-?” Tree started. “Yus, nao hushies, nee’tu be quiet su not tu get musntas cwose. If dey get tuu cwouse den haff tu wun way, undastan? Nee’ tu du what Pinke teww 'ou, otay?” Violet said calmly. Tree nodded and snuggled deeper into his mother’s fluff. Violet and Pinkie had had escaped Musntas before, the big Doggie-Looking Musnta that took his Daddeh, the Barkie-Musntas and the Hunter that took his Mummah, they had escaped a lot… Violet was tired of escaping.

after a few seconds of silence, and the scent drifting away, Violet nodded to Snow. Snow had opened a back part of the nest to escape with Pinkie and the Foals, an even smaller place that would cause little noise when opened. Once Snow was out with Tree and Dusty, Pinkie opened the back-door to the nest, stopping only to look back at his older brother.

Violet stood ready, not turning to say goodbye to Candy, not even to Pinkie.

While Candy thought Daddeh was being mean, Pinkie knew what he was about to do, something he wished no Fluffy would ever experience.

Without a word, Violet dashed out of the nest, and ran straight thru the tree-line, to his melancholy glee, he was able to catch the Munsta speeding thru the shade of the trees along his right, it looked like a Barkie-Munsta but was bigger… Much. Bigger… But, the most important thing right now, was that it was following him.

As Violet ran his heart pounded with the force of a locomotive, even if he didn’t know what that was, he had a purpose to his running. He was running to keep his family safe. Something any good father would do when faced with horrible odds. Just like his Daddeh… He was going to be a good dad.

It wasn’t until he had heard the sounds on his left that he began to worry, it wasn’t just A Barkie-Musnta… It was two of them…

Violet knew he could maybe deal with one, but two? No way… All Violet could do was run, hoping the two Munstas would feel satisfied with just him.

As Violet ran he heard the growling more and more until he felt a sharp pain go thru one of his back legs, causing Violet to begin limping. Violet looked back and saw the Munsta’s Mouth around his leg, chomping down, Boo-boo- juice leaking from Violet’s weggie.

“D-Dummeh Munsta!” Violet cried out, releasing Sorrie-Poopies at the Munsta, causing it to reel back in disgust at the smell. Once freed from the Munsta’s jaws, Violet, fully imitating a Donkey, something he had never seen before in his life, bucked the Munsta with his hind legs. The Force of the kick was surprisingly effective against the Munsta, as it was already disoriented from the foul shit that covered its maw.

As it lay on it’s side, Violet decided to try and finish the Munsta, which was normally impossible for a Fluffy, but the confidence Violet felt in his soul that moment felt like he could even face down Humans.

“Gu fowebah-sweepies Munsta!” cried out Violet, raising himself up high on his hind legs, planning on stomping the wolfs head in.

But as Violet got up on his legs, the pain of the bite rang thru his legs, and into the core of his body, causing Violet to buckle under his own weight.

Violet was now on the ground, and just above him, a growling noise came into sight, lit up from the setting sun, the Second Munsta had come, and was not looking very happy that Violet had defended himself against its hunting buddy.

Violet had tried to ready himself to see if he could try and fight again… But as he tried, he heard a noise coming from behind him, the first Munsta had begun the process of shaking off the sorry-poopies and was now back in the mindset of a hunter.

Violet pulled himself, draggin his body away from the two snarling beast, their growls, their scent…

Violet began to quake in fear, the thought of death washing over him… But a slight realization came just as the two Munstas pounced onto him.

He was in the field… The field was far, far away from the hoomin trail that Pinkie and Snow should had taken… All they would have to do is just follow the trail and beg for aid from the nice hoomins who kept the Forrest clean…

They… They were safe…

Violet felt the claws and fangs of the two Munstas rip into his lower back, tearing free a leg as they shredded thru Violet’s skin.

Violet couldn’t make a sound, his pain was unimaginable, the feeling of one’s body being torn asunder by wild animals… It was excruciating…

But as the Musntas tore more and more off the fluffy, Violet still made no sound… He remembered his Father, facing down the Biggest-Bawkie-Munsta ever… He remembered his Mother, pushing the nestie thing into the stream, moments before she was taken buy the Hunter’s Barkie-Musntas…

His Father… His Mother… They were good parents… As Violet felt his lower half being devoured, a slight smile crept along his face, even thru the agony of losing his hind legs…

He had been a good Daddeh…

As the life flickered from his eyes, he could see the setting sun, now only inches over the horizon.

not feeling his legs anymore, Violet decided to let go.

With a final exhale… He was gone.

To the Wolves, he was a simple meal, to his Family he was a hero.

To the Park Rangers who cleaned up the bio-engineered bones, he was just another dirty Feral.

This is my submission to @Dragonixa Tale of Two Wolves Contest. I really tried to make it Horror-Box, i really did, but i kept ending up with a sadbox, Fluffy-vs-Natrue type thing.

Sucks if that gets me disqualified but eh, it was still a lot of fun!


Hey, it was still a nice read ^w^ I’m definitely not going to disqualify you for trying your best :slight_smile: And hey, there’s a chance you can get a third place!


He may be a dirty feral pig-horse, but at least its one I can respect.