A good, honest fluffy (Mister_K)

Well golly gee, another old reddit post.


The big pile of shit directly in front of the TV, as though shat there by something watching the TV instead of walking a meter to the litterbox, does paint a clear picture of what the problem is.


He could have at least got good upsies to the comfy box.


Besides, cant let her off too lightly. Besides the isolation and darkness, that box is damn comfy and better than most beds.

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This is really nice tbh. Not every fuck up needs to be met with abuse.


lmao shit itself while watching flufftv

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Even if they are sincere, they must be punished. A good fluffy who isn’t punished in some way for bad poopies runs a danger of becoming a smarty.

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That was my thought process when cooking this up.
It was an accident, but if she was let off the hook then she’d claim it was an accident every single time.

Some very excellent neutral box, with a happy-ish end. At least happy for fluffy content. The Comfy Box is a nice take. When I get around to making stuff again I’ll need to steal that.

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I happily invite you to do so!
Its always fun to add your own features to existing things.

This a refreshing change from “oh you got jump scared by me when i ran from around the corner and did scardy peepees, time to spend the next 6 months in the electric chair!”

Not every sorry box has to look like a mix of a iron maiden and something hellraiser would sleep in.

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