a Laura's Picture (Moesius)

thank you >w<

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I just realized that Laura is almost a dead ringer for Cozy Glow from the MLP:FIM series. The only difference is that she has violet eyes instead of Cozy Glow’s red ones.


Maybe her owner thought having a fluffy with an end-season character’s likeness meant she would produce offspring with more popular and collectible color combinations like the mane six or the alicorns. Just a theory.

Really like the Laura pic, anyway. :heart:

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Wooooow o.o

I can’t imagine your workflow to make this. Fantastic work and a beautiful demonstration of the time you’ve invested in your art.

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lol xD
no it’s just that a pinkish mare with a blue mane was a common color scheme for mares (and still is) so I picked it
and thanks :3

Thank you :3
My mom put it on her cellphone as a wallpaper xD

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