A little late(Luf)

It’s a little late to post this, but I was able to salvage this. This time the drawing turned out worse than I thought. Still learning to draw. Wanna know your thoughts.


You don’t need to be the best to make good stuff, this is pretty funny, can see it happening in the days after halloween, ferals who saw people going around getting candy for saying trick or treat try it on in the days after and suffer. Also love the idea that rather than anything actually happening the fluffy was so shocked by being told to fuck off that their head just popped off.

Backgrounds are nice to add a sense of place and scale to an image, but if you just want to be mean to a fluffy its not absolutely necessary and allows you to focus on the fluffy itself which at least for me are more interesting to draw. Good work and keep experimenting.

edit: Also the base of the tail could be a bit thicker, makes them look more attached, and from the angle we are seeing them it would be hidden around the back of the fluffy which is an easy way to get away with not doing the base which is the hardest part usually.


Compared to your past arts im definitely seeing you’re developing as you’re learning. Also this is a good art piece imo.

On a related note imagine a Feral smarty tried to harass a foal or other fluffy wearing a Halloween costume and they turned around and their costume gave the smarty a heartattack XD

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Thank you so much for your support. I really love your work and have been inspired by it very often.