A lone alicorn foal appears (carniviousduck)


Wait a second…

This is an angler fish situation isn’t it?
~begins to doubt his instincts on seeing the hugbox tag~

(if not heck yeah I do :D)


ohhhh I WANT!! babbyyyy!!


I just want to give it pain.
There is something about your art style that i goddamn love, and i just can’t figure what it is.
This fills me with cuteness and agression.
Thank you, duck


I’ll take it.

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Oh this little guy’s coming with me, I’m naming him Carnation!

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Come here, little guy. I’ll feed you tteokbokki and sev. They’re both sort of like skettis, but one is crunchy and the other is as big as you.

Your name is now Vanilla Peach. :sparkling_heart:

It’s always a pleasure to see your hugbox content.

Id boop it but being a fluffy i dont know how it would respond.

i swear some fluffys look like they would explode if they sneezed :shrug: