A Magical Trip (carniviousduck)

This weekend im going on a trip, its been something ive always wanted to do, but never able to find objects of my desire. But now i have the magical ticket. So take care friends, and perhaps ill see you on the other side… CD


Have fun and be safe.


so legend has it it you can sync up the original wizard of Oz movie with pink Floyd’s Dark side of the moon album and your mind will be absolutely blown while trippin.


This is a common myth. You can literally take any visual, medium and sync it up with any audio medium, and it will be “trippy“.

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Ooooh, please report back?

I hope you have fun.

And I wonder what crazy stuff you can come up with during your trip.

Make sure you have a trip sitter and drink plenty of water. Have a great time!

Any audiovisual experience can be trippy when you’re tripping, but certain things have cultural predispositions towards being associated with trippiness—and so when your subconscious is inside-out, you may find those things to provide a more intense experience. It has a lot to do with suggestibility, assumption, and subjective personal belief.

Ive got two friends coming over, got a playlist and ill be around fucked up stiffed animals…

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Is that stuffed animals or stiffed animals? Like, teddy bears or taxidermied real bears?

Watch the powerpuff girls and listen to slipknot’s greatest hits. Watch Jason Versus Freddy while listening to cocoa melon. Watch a collection of 90s screensavers and listen to Phish live at Redrocks. Watch porn and listen to gospel music. Watch surfing videos and listen to synthwave. Watch Breaking Bad and listen to kids bop.

The list goes on.

There’s two formulas that work well…

1.) Combining similar mediums, such as watching a weird movie like wizard of oz and listening to weird music like pink floyd.

2.) Combining opposites, such as watching a horror movie while listening to kid’s music.

Each is sure to have you satisfied.